Make A Note Of It

Eric Mason

In this effect a pound note is folded into a small packet, and tossed into the air. When opened it is seen to have changed into a giant

£5 note. The effect is similar to Mike Kozlowski's excellent 'Hundred Dollar Switch' but the method is entirely different and should be performed standing.

You will of course require a giant £5 note

— I have drawn one up for repro. This will be required to be made into a small packet by folding it in half four times as shown in the sequence of sketches (a), (b), (c) and (d). Next fold the packet concertina fashion (e) and then the outside edges as in (f). Crease all the folds carefully and sharply, and if you now hold the four open ends of the note — two in each hand

— it can be pulled open like a concertina (g). Prepare to perform by finger palming the folded note along the little finger only (Fig.l).

Display a £1 note as fairly and cleanly as possible making it obvious that nothing else is concealed in the hands as you fold it in half four times (h) and bend the resultant packet gently in half — it will not stay bent but it will put a hump in the middle (i). Hold it in the right hand — hump uppermost — on the pads of the first and second fingers with the thumb.

You now proceed using the same moves as described for the coin change in AMASON in last month's issue, commencing at paragraph two in the first sequence. If you have already worked on this you will have no problems in transferring your skills from the coins to the small packets. Others should refer back and read giant note for copper coin and £1 note for silver coin, and all will be clear.

When catching the £5 note endeavour to let it fall onto the pads of the first and second fingers thus preventing the possibility of any part of the back clipped note being seen protruding through the fingers.

There is a little difference between the back clipping of the coin and the note. With the latter the third finger is brought to the free edge clipping it against the side of the second as in (Fig.2), thus providing a firm grip on it as the left hand pulls open the giant note. During this action the right hand is palm uppermost and remains stationary.

When the note is fully opened it is shdwn on both sides keeping the back clipped note hidden by performing the back palm move, i.e. the second finger is brought to the other side of the folded note as the back of the giant note is shown and returned to its original position when the giant note is turned back again. In short, when the right hand is palm up holding the giant note the folded pound is at the back of the hand and when the hand turns to show the other side of the giant note the back of the hand is brought facing the audience and due to the back palm move the folded pound note is now inside the fingers. The folded note will not be seen as it revolves around the second finger.

With the giant note held in the palm up right hand the back clipped folded pound note can be transferred into the left hand as the giant note is pulled through the fingers in what the spectators will accept as a necessary action for the purpose of smoothing out the folds.

Both hands have now been seen to be empty after the transformation making the illusion complete. Note SEEN to be empty. On no account should it appear that you are trying to PROVE that they are empty.

The startling effect of the change from a normal sized pound note into a giant fiver is really something well worth acquiring and adding to your repertoire.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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