A small square tube is shown, and two dice are placed inside. They are separated, and a metal ball is dropped between them through a hole in the side of the tube, the dice are pushed together apparently squashing the ball. To show that it is not an illusion two plastic slides are passed through slots in the side, trapping the dice. The tube is handed to a spectator with a request to remove the slides and the dice. The metal ball has disappeared.


Two identical dice, a small oblong tube with a hole in one side and two slots in an adjacent side (Fig.l), a ballbearing and two plastic slides. The slots should be so spaced that when the two dice are inside the tube they are trapped when the slides are inserted. A third matching die (Fig.2) which is hollow with a piece of Blue Tack stuck inside which will help to retain the ball inside during the handling.


The hollow die is concealed in the right hand. Pick up tube with the left hand and show to audience. It is then passed to the right hand which secretly introduces the hollow die, open end first.

Still holding the tube in the right hand, the left puts the two normal dice into the tube at the end opposite to the one at which the hollow one was loaded. These two dice are visible through the hole in the side of the tube. The left hand now picks up the ball as the right forefinger secretly pushes the dice towards the left. This action causes the hollow die and one normal one to be visible through the hole, though to the audience nothing appears to have changed.

The performer now separates the two dice (one of which is the hollow one) and drops the ball between them via the hole. The separation of the two dice, which is only slight, is also done through the hole.

Using the forefingers of both hands push the dice together, an action which pushes the ball into the hollow die and brings the two normal dice into their original position where they are both visible through the hole. They are also in the right place to be trapped within the tube when the two slides are inserted in the slots, which is done as follows.

The first slide is pushed through the slot between the hollow die and normal one next to it. The tube is now tipped up, presumably to facilitate the insertion of the second slide. Unknown to the audience it also causes the hollow die with the ball inside to fall out of the tube into the hand for disposal at the first opportunity.

A spectator is now invited to remove the slides and empty the tube. He finds only two dice, the ball having completely disappeared..

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Fundamentals of Magick

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