Little Metal Eater

Gordon Bruce

Remove a 2" sponge ball from the left hand pocket and display it while commenting on its peculiar properties. Remove a coin from "^the right hand jacket pocket. Apparently drop the coin into the left hand. In fact you "Ramsay's Favourite" coin vanish (see The Ramsay Legend by Andy Galloway, p.29). Push the sponge into the left hand through the thumb crotch. Turn the left hand so that its back is towards the table, squeeze the sponge several times, simultaneously making a munching sound with your mouth, open the left hand to reveal the sponge only. Comment that the sponge has eaten the coin. Offer to repeat it. Place the sponge on the table. The right hand reaches into the jacket pocket and apparently removes another coin, really the same one. Repeat the above vanish etc.

The third time, duplicate the actions of the Ramsay vanish, but really put the coin into your left hand this time. ^

As you do your munching bit, the right hand goes to the pocket for another coin. Open your left hand to show only the sponge, the coin being hidden underneath it. Hold the sponge between the thumb and first and second fingers. Make a hiccoughing sound and simultaneously push the coin up from behind the sponge with the left thumb. The right hand meantime has left the pocket, secretly holding a coin — no need to palm it, as long as you do not flash it.

The right hand apparently removes the coin from the sponge as you apologise for the Little Metal Eater's table manners. Really, the left thumb pulls the coin back down behind the sponge, as the right hand places its coin on the table.

Pick up the coin and replace it in the right hand pocket. As soon as the right hand enters the pocket, the sponge once more hiccoughs as the left thumb pushes up the coin. The right hand has meantime grabbed a stack of about twenty coins which are lying loose in the pocket. Remove the right hand from the pocket, and this time it really does take the coin. Place the coin centrally on the table.

Comment that the Little Metal Eater has been eating too much all day. Close the right hand into a fist. The left hand picks up the sponge and pushes it into the top of the right fist. Squeeze the sponge and release the coins onto the table.

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Some good news and some bad news this time. First, the bad news. My good friend and magic teacher died March 31, 1979. Eddie Fechter, owner of the Forks Hotel (tavern) passed away on Saturday evening, about 6.30, after spending two weeks in Roswell Park Memorial Hospital. His five-year fight with leukemia came to an end shortly after he sold his business at the Forks Hotel.

The new owners have agreed to keep the magic going and already have hired Eddie's magic bartender, Karl Norman. Fridays and Saturdays will still be the big magic nights at the Forks Castle EAST.

Yes, the close-up convention will still be held at the Forks Hotel and by the time you read this the 9th F.F.F.F. (Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic) will be history. Plans are already under way for the tenth. If I can coax Bob Read and your editor, Fred, to attend next year, that will be a minor miracle.

Good news — Tom Mullica invited about fifty of his best friends to attend the first anniversary of his opening of what is to be considered one of the last real magic bars owned and operated by a magician. About thirty showed up, including myself, and we had a fantastic time. If you ever get to Atlanta, Georgia, you have to stop at 3166 Peachtree Road and see for yourself. What you see you won't believe and I mean it! Tom can't last at the pace he goes. Monday through Thursday he does magic, slapstick, comedy, sight gags — you name it, from 8.00pm to 11.45pm but on Friday and Saturday he goes until about 1.30am.

Does he repeat anything? Well, I saw him two nights and the only thing he repeated is the vent part in the show. This is his tribute to Jay Marshall and Duke Stern, and it is super. (He will fool you with the vent, too). His place can seat 25 at the bar, 25 in the balcony and room for about 35 standees. His bartenders, waitresses, and doormen are used very often, unsuspectedly by the lay audience. Now get this — I haven't told you the best part -- it's all done to music. He controls it without anyone suspecting. All the music is mostly swing — to us old guys a treat to listen to. It's not what you would think with music, like a stage show — this you have to be there to appreciate. It's different but the magic will fool the best magicians. (Egg Bag -wow!!!)

Who showed up to help him celebrate? Here's a small list. Gordon Miller from Abbotts, Roger Klause, A1 Goshman, Paul Gertner, Phil Willmarth (Parade editor of the Linking Ring), Rick Johnsson, Charlie Reynolds (consultant of Doug Henning Specials), J.C. Doty, Dan Garrett, Jim Ryan, Dave Lederman and Jon Racher-baumer — plus some Atlanta magicians.

Those who entertained were most of the above and the new Jon Racherbaumer (no beard) did an ace routine which he calls "his answer to McDonald's aces" that really knocked us out. He says it will be in print this summer-;- look for it. That's it for now.


Good news! Comida is alive and well and living in London at a recent meeting over lunch it was seen that he is still busy expanding the Arts of Mentalism - - still creatively performing with an enthusiasm that his younger devotees can do nothing but admire -- and (the object of the meeting) about to launch Mastergimmick No.2. Readers will remember that Mastergimmick No.l was put out by the Corinda Studio about twenty years ago, and in those days Corinda was specialising solely in mentalism. Around that period Bob Nelson had built up a highly proficient organisation called Nelson Enterprises which was a counterpart to Corinda's Studio, and between the two virtually all that mattered in mentalism at that time was available from one or the other.

Nelson had available a hush-hush apparatus called Nelson's Secret Invention. Its principle differed widely from Mastergimmick No.l though both had the objective - - they were both information transmission systems for mentalists.

Mastergimmick No.2 is also such a system and promises incredible feats for those who will take the trouble to master it. The complete equipment costs £49.50, but the explanatory booklet which is available for £2 for those wishing to assess the possibilities of the system before purchasing the apparatus.

Both are available from International Magic Studio, 89 Clerkenwell Rd, Holborn, London EC1

Eric Mason

Both are available from International Magic Studio, 89 Clerkenwell Rd, Holborn, London EC1

Eric Mason

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Fundamentals of Magick

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