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The latest notes of Fr. Cyprian entitled Door To Door Card Sharp are available from the author at St Francis Retreat House, Box 191, Garrison, N.Y. 10524 U.S.A., price 3 dollars.

First to be explained is Two Deck Brainwave and uses two packs — one red and one blue backed. A freely chosen card from one pack is found reversed in the other. Climax comes when the red backs of one pack changes to blue and vice versa. Ordinary packs used and no difficult sleights used.

In Factory Guaranteed Opener performer cuts to the four aces. This is repeated with some spectator involvement removing some of the 'watch how clever I am' element from the trick. Finally the aces are shown to have changed the colour of their backs with a nice touch with the guarantee card.

If you like performing tricks with scope for acting a part, not overloaded with moves and really entertain Harry The One-Armed Gambler will appeal being a fine example of this type of effect.

Door To Door Card Sharp is another story effect in which the four aces are found from a shuffled pack — again with help from a spectator.

The remaining effects are Glim Deck, Matched Pair and Quitting The Company. The latter being an ambitious card which ends with tile card being found in the card case.

For those interested in entertaining people with card tricks these notes should prove to be excellent value. Read The Poetry Of Magic elsewhere in these pages for the Cyprian approach to card magic to ascertain if you are 'in tune' with his philosophy. If you are — verb sap.

The lecture notes of Rick Johnson are now obtainable in Great Britain from Anthony Brahams, 168 Holland Park Avenue, London Wll, price £2.65, post free.

Everyone must have seen the old nail puzzle — the linking and unlinking of two bent nails. Under the caption Nailed it is explained how to turn this puzzle into a magical effect wherein the linking and unlinking takes place inside a small jar as it is held by a spectator.

Thinking Caps won for the author the trophy for comedy at the S.A.M. Convention way back in 1967. In short one spectator reads another's mind. In the process eleven different articles are brought into play including such diverse items as a toilet plunger, chinstraps, toothbrush holders and various electrical bits and pieces. You will gather from this information that comedy plays some part in the presentation.

First Generation is a method of finding the names of chosen cards using a computer (actually a flap card box). To turn the box into a computer will require a buzzer, switches and other electrical junk from your local TV repair shop's dustbin. Assembled, this will enable a printout of two chosen cards to be made from your computer!

The Second and Third Generation continue the theme all leading into obtaining the maximum amount of fun.

A couple of ring and rope effects include a method of making a plastic ring into an invisible key.

The last item is an adaptation of a Roy Johnson version of Seven Keys to Baldpate making it suitable for close-up performance. It requires that a small box be made up — not too difficult for the average handyman. The unusual and unexpected climax should make the effort of making the box well worth while.

These notes will appeal mainly to magicians who introduce comedy into their presentations and enjoy making up bits and pieces from junk.


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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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