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An excellent and effective routine appeared in Vol.4, No.2 under the above title. We apologise to Bob Farmer and our readers for the omission of an important part of the text and two sets of illustrations. The following should have appeared immediately after the last paragraph under the heading 'METHOD' in the left hand column on page 477.

Thus the apparatus used is one double-face piece, four black pieces, and four red pieces. See figure 2.1.

Fours are used as there is a considerable white border around both the index piece pip and the pip piece, thus allowing an easier handling of the Elmsley count. If other cards are used the face design extends on a piece to at least one edge: this marked edge may flash during the counts ruining the effect. Fours eliminate this problem.


Put the real black index piece in your pocket, and place the double-faced piece showing as a black index piece on top of the three black pieces. Place the four red pieces in a stack below these black pieces.

In performing the effect remove the stack of pieces and'arrange them On the table as in figure 3. Note that the double-face piece is at the upper left corner.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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