Talk turns to the unusual — how is dematerialisation possible? — if you could duplicate something exactly, would the original disappear? You offer to attempt the impossible

— an experiment in the art of Telekinisis — can such things be?

You ask for something personal from the pocket, perhaps a lighter, a coin — better still a bunch of keys, perhaps! Perfect — would you kindly cup your hands, so, and totally enclose the keys within — that's fine, sir — I will come back to you. May I approach you madam? — would you allow me to borrow your ring — I promise to take care with it. Thank you — it's beautiful — it looks good — it feels good and right to use — it must mean a lot to you. Would you further help me with your best thoughts? I shall cup my hands gently with your ring inside, see — there it is — please help. I shall mentally count up to ten — and slowly open my hands

— it has vanished — has it gone? Unbelievably it has completely disappeared.

Sir, did you feel anything — with your mind — your hands? — look at your keys — has a ring appeared with them? Yes — incredible. Do not move — stay where you are and throw them to me please — thank you. Madam here are the keys — how is it possible? Is this your ring — is it fastened to the gentleman's keys? Here is your ring — I return it to you — and sir, your keys — please catch. Thank you both very much.

Can this be TeleKEYnisis?

To perform this plot you will require three magnets. One is attached to a split ring which also has a nice looking ladies finger ring on it as sketch (1).

The other two magnets are glued, one on each side of a small reliable pull. Sketch 2. To the end of pull thread is attached a split ring, the ends of which have been bent open slightly enabling the borrowed ring to be attached without fumbling. See sketch 3. The arrangement of the pull is the 'standard one — the reel is in the back trouser pocket on the right side and the thread is taken round behind the split ring and hooked onto a ring on the ring finger of the left hand. The split ring being bent open facilitates this. Sketch 4. Make certain that the reel is secure in the pocket and will not fly out when under pressure.

With the pull set, and the linked magnet, finger ring and split ring concealed in the right hand and having succeeded in finding someone with a bunch of keys instruct him to hold them in his cupped hands. Do not handle the key« yourself, but as you close his cupped hands casually add the load.

The borrowed ring is hooked onto the pull and brought to the fingertips as you admire and comment on it, at the same time move it slightly round the split ring to prevent any jingling sound when you release the pull. Allow the ring to sink into your cupped hands and close them, re-open them slowly and ask the lady if she can still see her ring, and then have her help to re-close your hands over the ring by closing her hands over yours.

Look now at the person who has the keys and ask him to duplicate your actions (he should not have moved). Make a slight backwards movement towards your body with your hands and then extend them towards your helper and under cover of this action secretly open your hands sufficiently to allow the pull to take the ring away. Build up the effect — and slowly open your cupped hands — the ring has vanished.

Turn your attention to the person holding the keys in his cupped hands, and ask him to open his hands, confirm that there is a ring on them, and then throw them to you. In the meantime you have secretly obtained the pull with the lady's ring on it and add them to the bunch as you catch it in the right hand.

With the left hand, steal the dummy ring and magnet and show the lady her ring fastened to the bunch of keys belonging to the gentleman. Have her acknowledge that the ring is hers allowing her to watch you closely as you carefully remove it from the split ring. Hand her ring back and pass the keys to the left hand allowing the magnetic dummy to attach itself to the reel magnets, and throw the keys back to their owner.

I have found in performance that the split ring is superior to the standard clip that comes with most reels as it is too small to take some of the rings offered especially those chunky styles of modern fashionable jewelery. No such problem will arise with a split ring if bent as shown in the sketch. Also, it looks more natural to see such a ring attached to a bunch of keys — if it is seen at all. Furthermore, being hooked to your own ring enables you to move your arm freely and naturally as you perform the initial moves before making the 'hook' up. The way in which the borrowed ring is affixed to the pull ring enables the right fingers holding the borrowed ring to take the pull off your ring finger and move*it to the tips of the left hand fingers in one movement. This idea was triggered off by seeing a remarkable treatment of this effect by Pat Conway who has improved the Flying Ring beyond recognition. I hope he will market his method, or publish it for Pabular readers.

The magnet used must be circular ferrites technically known as anisotropics. These will not easily shake off a surface, and will, indeed, creep further into a collection. Some keys in a bunch offered may be of brass, therefore noh-magnetic, but these magnets are powerful enough to reach through a non-magnetic thickness and attach themselves beyond and round an obstacle. You will be extremely unlucky for them not to hold to any bunch of keys offered. If you are unable to obtain them, write in.

One further point — you can use your watch as a holdout by clipping the ring pull to the strap. This will enable effects to be performed prior to this one. It can be transferred to your ring finger when required with little attention having to be paid to the movement.

Suggest that some lady in your audience has won a large sum of money, or has been left a legacy — ask her what she would choose if she could really have anything she wanted — wait — there will be a pause here — perhaps too long — as some ladies want so many things they have difficulty in making a decision — hurry them up — A new house —fine O.K. — What colour would you like it to be? — white O.K. — How much would you like (expect) to pay for it? — £60,000 — you'll be lucky — when would you like it?

As you receive a reply to each question you write it down on a card and when the last question has been answered you recap reading from the card as you remove a wallet from your inside pocket. Put the check card away, zip open the wallet and remove an envelope which you tear open. The contents, a folded piece of paper, is tipped out onto the lady's hand who is invited to open it out. As she does so you explain that you have previously been in touch with a company called Dreamawhile Ltd. and what she is holding is their personal invoice to say that all the good wishes she has for herself will come true in the future. Have her read out aloud what is written on the invoice and give her the envelope and the invoice..

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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