Keith Charnley

This short, but highly intertaining routine, consists of ideas by Henry Hay, Paul Harris and Keith, himself. No doubt similar varients do exist elsewhere, but this particular combination is neat and to the point. It is described here in Keith Charnley's own words.

A glass eye is required. It is in the right hand jacket pocket, together with two coins of lOp size. I start by saying, "Most people think that the hand is quicker than the eye. They believe that is the reason why a magician can bring about his magical effects. Actually, it is not true. The eye is quicker than the hand. Let me show you."

Remove the two coins. Display them, one in each hand. Put the left hand's coin into your eye, like a monocle. Apparently, place the right hand's coin into the left. Really this is a fake transfer. The coin is, in fact, retained palmed in the right.

With the right hand, keeping the palmed coin out of sight, remove the coin from the left eye. Both coins are now in that hand. The audience is aware of one only. They believe the other to be in the left. Allow the visible coin to sink down behind the right fingers. Close the hand into a fist, taking care not to chink the two coins together. Ask the audience if they have been watching the coins carefully. Slowly open both hands palm upwards. Show the two coins in the right, while remarking, "You see! In this case, the hand appears to be quicker than the eye, but watch!"

So far you have just done a very basic coin across. There are, however, plenty of opportunities to build in comedy business. Trying to place the coin in the eye is one. Keeping it there is another. It can even affect your speech!

Offer to repeat the effect. Apparently drop the two coins from the right hand, into the left.

Use a click pass, so that you really end up with one coin in each. Open both hands and show the coins.

Offer to do the trick once more. Say that this time you will make it easier for the audience to follow. Once more, place one coin in the eye, with the left hand. Fake transfer the right hand's coin, apparently placing it into the left but really holding it back in the right. With the right hand, remove the coin from the left eye. Say that you will not use it, this time. Apparently drop the single coin into your right hand coat pocket. Really, you ditch both of the coins and cop the glass eye.

Quickly recap on your previous actions i.e., say "One in the eye and one in the hand. One from the eye, into the pocket, leaving just one." As you say "hand", tap the left fist with the right hand. In this action, load the palmed eye into the end of the left fist as in Fig.l. Immediately, bring the right hand up to indicate thé left eye as you say ". . .One from the eye. . ." Mimic the action of taking the coin from the eye and placing it into the pocket. When you do so, close the left eye and keep it shut until the end of the trick. Close it as you pretend to remove the coin, making this a part of the mime, as though to indicate that the eye is having trouble holding the coin.

Ask where the coin should be. When they indicate the left hand, open it up, disclosing the glass eye. State that, "The eye is quicker than the hand." Toss the eye into your right hand. Fake transfer it back to the left. Bring the left hand up in front of your closed left eye as though replacing the one, which is supposed to be in the hand. Open your eye and remove the hand, allowing it to be seen empty. Dispose of the eye, palmed in the right.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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