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Present it as an addition sum, covering all the numbers with a piece of card etc. and lowering it row by row, asking the spectator to mentally add the numbers as they are revealed. Most normal people produce a total of 5000 but it should of course really be 4,100. (Try it — it works — we were 'normal'!) Ed emphasised that this was not original with him but that it has been arround in one or more versions for a long time.

tA few years ago Larry Jennings paid us a and told of a stunt that was puzzling magicians. The fellow pulling it would take an empty bottle and stick in on the wall where it would remain suspended without visible support! The problem was solved for us at least who were in the Blenheim Bar one Monday night when Mike who kept his surname a secret did this stunt exactly as described.

There are no gimmicks. Just press the bottle firmly into the wall corner and move it . upwards an inch or two. It stays there! That's all.


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An old card effect receives a new dressing in the following thought transference routine for the mentalist and his assistant.


Having been introduced to the audience by the performer the medium retires to another room. 194

Spectator A thinks of the first word on any line of any book.

Spectator B remembers a card cut to in a pack of playing cards.

The performer exits from the scene of the operation and the medium returns. She correctly divines the thoughts of both spectators.


An extra card is required, blank faced, with a back to match the rest of the pack. Beforehand, place an elastic band around the cards and have them in your jacket pocket with the blank card at the face of the packet. With a small pencil stub in the same pocket you are ready for action.

From the host's bookcase remove, apparently at random, about four books, including one which you previously decided to force. This same book is forced on spectator 'A'. Now have a page number and a line number called and invite spectator to think of, and -remember the first word on that line. While he is locating the word drop your hand into your pocket, grasp the pencil stub and write the page and line numbers on the face of the blank card. This done, pull off the elastic band and transfer this same card to the top of the pack. Have the four volumes returned to the bookcase.

Produce the cards from your pocket and give them a brief shuffle, retaining the extra card at the top. Hand the pack to spectator 'B' requesting him to pull out a packet of cards from the centre of the pack and to note the face card of this packet and then drop the whole packet on the rest of the pack. Give him the elastic band and instruct him to slip it around the cards and put the pack on the table.

You now exit and the medium returns to the room. Pausing before the bookcase she studies the contents and finally removes a single volume. It is acknowledged by spectator 'A' to be the book used in the experiment.

Saying "I'll return to you in a moment" the medium hands him the book and moves to the table where she picks up the cards. Now facing spectator 'B' she fans the cards, faces towards herself, and appears to concentrate, while actually memorising the pencilled figures on the previously blank card. A moment later she removes and displays the card immediately ,o its left, which spectator 'B' verifies as the card of which he had been thinking.

Returning to spectator 'A' the medium tells him she can now devote her full concentration to determining his mentally chosen word. Taking back the book she riffles slowly through the pages finally stopping at the selected page and revealing the chosen word.

Some readers will favour the use of a nail writer in place of the pencil stub. The choice rests with the individual performer.

The book may be forced by 'conjurers choice' or any other method the performer prefers.

If the performer has some facility with the nail writer the forcing could be eliminated. Spectator 'A' could be asked to stand in front of the bookcase and concentrate on any title and remove the book the performer secretly writing sufficient information on the blank card to enable the medium to find the same book. The initial letter of each word in the title should, in most cases suffice.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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