Place the right thumb on the envelope to grip it. Now turn the right hand inwards at the wrist, raising the envelope to a vertical position, address side towards yourself. If you have positioned the envelope correctly as in Fig. 6, then the right hand fingers will cover the pocket and the protruding corner of the card. Fig. 7 (spectator's view). The position in Fig. 7 is held only briefly, then, in a continuing action, turn your right hand back again so that the envelope is flat across your hand once more. Fig. 8.

You must now transfer the envelope to your left hand without exposing the other side as follows: Close the right fingers into a fist and turn the back of the hand upwards at the same time. Fig. 9. The right hand swings inwards at the wrist, so that the back of the right hand is towards the spectator. The left hand now takes the envelope between the first finger and thumb as shown in Fig. 10. The right hand releases its hold and the left hand moves the envelope back into the position in Fig. 5. The above actions are very casual and take but a few seconds.

Opening the Envelope: You now open the envelope, keeping the address side to the audience all the time. From the position in Fig. 5, the right hand takes the envelope at the centre of the top, short edge. Fig. 11. The left hand forefinger and thumb now begin to open the envelope by prising open the top left hand corner marked X in Fig. 11.

Once the opening at the corner is wide enough, grip the flap between your thumb on the outside, first and second fingers on the inside. The right hand holds the envelope firmly while the left hand fingertips peel the flap open, without tearing the paper. Only the top half of the flap is glued down, so this should be easy. Continue this opening action to the left which pulls the lower half of the flap over the corner of the card. The sound of the flap scraping over the edge of the card is indistinguishable from the sound of opening the top half of the flap. Toss the envelope onto the table for the spectator to remove the card.

In actual fact, you have opened the envelope upside down, but no-one will notice/A this fact. The glue used in the manufacture or^g the envelope is weaker than the gum used to seal it, so that it is easy to open the envelope without tearing.

This is a different handling of an effect called "Pocket Poker" published in Epilogue by Roy Walton.

Copyright and all rights of reproduction strictly reserved by the author.

Stack a Royal Flush in Spades as follows: 10, Jack, Queen, King and the Ace. The Ace of Spades is face up on the bottom of the face down packet. Place a Joker face down on top.

1) Remove the packet from your pocket as you explain that you always carry the Perfect Poker Hand with you. Ask if anyone knows what the perfect hand consists of. A few may say "A Royal Flush". However, you explain that in poker, the Joker is 'wild', therefore, in theory, with 5 Jokers, the best hand is 5 Aces. As you talk, show the cards as Jokers using the DUPLICOUNT. After showing and discarding

3 Jokers, the last two cards are handled as one. The 5th Joker is tossed face up onto the face down packet on the table.

2) Do a 5 card Ascanio Spread showing 4 face down cards and a face up Joker. The left thumb holds the face up Joker in place while the right hand places the block on top.

3) Square up the packet, give it a snap and do another 5 card Ascanio Spread to show that the Joker is now the Ace of Spades (really two cards one).

) Remove the double with the right hand and deal it face up onto the table.

5) Immediately start to deal the other cards onto the Ace of Spades, turning them face up to show that the other Jokers have also changed to form a Royal Flush — the Perfect Poker Hand.

Gordon Bruce

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