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Barrie Richardson

Tricks in which objects apparently move for no apparent reason, are always attention grabbing. In this little quickie by Barrie, the object which becomes animated is a humble key.

It is recommended that the effect be performed as a scientific curiosity — not as a simple bar stunt. In this way, it can be very strong indeed.


"A few years ago, I visited the Munich Museum of Science and Industry. They had a display of metals, which had (Characteristics that were, to this date, inexplicable to contemporary scientists. One of these metals behaved in an extraordinary — almost spooky — fashion, if the molecules were very slightly heated.

"Here is a key that has been fashioned from this unique material. The metal responds to my particular body temperature. Watch this!"

The performer places the key upon his open right palm. Very slowly it turns over (this is an old stunt but one which makes a good prelude to what follows). Next the key is placed on the centre of the palm. Slowly it begins to move against gravity.

There are no strings, wires or magnets to be seen. At the finish, the key can be placed upon the table and left for examination.


The key. Although this is not faked in any way it is a special one. It looks like a skeleton key, insofar as the face is blank. There is, however, a raised lip as shown in the illustration (fig 1). These keys are, apparently, quite common in some European countries, notably Germany. If you are unable to find one, no doubt a suitable blank key could be obtained from a key cutter and adapted. The overall length of the key should be about 3 inches.

Invisible thread. A small loop of this is used. It is tied around the second finger, about * as tightly as a ring might be worn. The thread generally on sale in the U.S.A. is better than that obtainable from British sewing shops (although some British magic dealers can supply thread of a better quality). However, Barrie does sometimes make use of the thread available in British department stores. His preferred brand in the U.S. is Clark's Transparent Nylon Thread.


Tie a small piece of the thread around the left second finger, as in fig 2. It should be about as tightly fitting as a normal finger ring and should lie in the crease of the lowermost finger joint. This will help to hide it. In this position, it is almost impossible to see the thread, even if you know where to look.


As was mentioned earlier, the turning over of the key is an age old stunt. Most readers should be familiar with it. For those, who are not, simply place any key on your hand as in fig 3. Keep the hand flat but just move it backwards very slowly and imperceptibly. The key will turn over, without any apparent effort on your part.

Next place the key upon the left hand as in fig 4. In the process engage the raised lip underneath the loop of thread. Gently rotate the other end of the key to the position shown. If the left hand is relaxed the key will remain in place. However a minimal, barely perceptible straightening of the fingers will cause the key to move. This movement will continue until the little loop of invisible thread has straightened itself out.

It was with great sadness that we heard of the death of Ken Brooke. The news was received by all, at the Blackpool Convention, with a sense | of loss. Ken's passing away marks the end of an era.

His was a rare genius for developing and extracting the maximum entertainment value, out of almost everything that he touched. For many, many years, the words "complete with routine by Ken Brooke" in a catalogue or magazine, were a cast iron guarantee that the purchaser would receive a brilliant piece of magical thinking. Seldom, if ever, were they disappointed.

Ken was generous and helpful to all, who were sincerely interested in wanting to learn his magic. Many of today's big names are only too ready to acknowledge the sound advice, which they received from this great magician. For that is what Ken was — not merely a good magician but a GREAT one.

In recent years, he was dogged by poor health. This deprived many of the younger generation of the chance of seeing him at his superb best. He may no longer be with us in person but his many magical creations will endure.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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