I'd like to thank El Duco for allowing us the opportunity of seeing this miracle free of charge. Don't forget that the original manuscript contains a second method that only uses the linked pair. The manuscript also comes complete with a linked set and indeed everything you need to perform both routines.

All this happens so fast that the eye will not realise that one elastic has shot into your lap. The falling elastic from your right hand will add to the illusion that somehow both hands have instantly linked!

When you hold the linked elastics in your left hand, be sure to show that your hands are otherwise empty.

Drop the elastics on the table. Sooner or later someone will pick them up and take a look. It is quite possible that he will see the joint. Don't try to excuse it, just point out that there must be a joint for the miracle to happen.

Point out that you caused the two separate bands to link. After all that is the effect!

You may be asked to repeat the effect. Generally this is not a good idea but you can, by explaining that you first need to unlink the bands.

Place them beneath the table, pick up the single band and get the other chain into the starting position and continue as previously explained.

Just remember to practise the stretch and loose move. Stretch the elastics once and loose the grasp. Don't stretch them again and again before releasing your hold. If you do, the audience will concentrate on this movement and the risk of exposure is increased.

Further ideas

Instead of presenting the effect on its own, you can intergrate it into other routines with different objects.

You can wind the elastics around your deck as in Fig:9. Have the deck in your pocket, when you take it out you palm the elastic in your hand. The audience expect a card trick so no one will pay any attention to the bands. Remove them and hold one in each hand. Now call attention to them and

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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