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The stunt of placing a coin on a spectator's open hand and inviting him to 'beat you to it' by closing his fingers as you make a grab for it has a variety of presentations. The one I have been using for several years with good effect has an additional 'kicker' which adds that little more to the stunt, especially if a lady is chosen to assist you.

Place a tenpenny piece on the open palm of the lady's left hand and cover it with your own right hand palm uppermost. Explain that the idea is for you to snatch the coin out of her hand before she can* close her fingers over it, but she must not start to move before you do. By merely turning your hand over quickly and making a grab at the coin you win every time. Do this a couple of times impressing upon her the need to close her hand immediately she feels your hand move.

After she has failed a few times suggest she tries once more, this time with her eyes closed to help her to concentrate. You also explain that you will make it easier for her as you will both start to move on the count of three. With your left hand take her wrist, place the coin on her palm and ask her to close her eyes. You quickly remove a joke rubber hand from beneath your coat, or out of your Topit if you have one, and put it palm up on her hand. Count one, two, three, GO, quickly because onlookers may laugh too soon and cause her to open her eyes. As you say, go, loose her left wrist and grab the bottom of your right sleeve pulling your right hand inside it.

The lady's reaction as she opens her eyes and sees the rubber hand on hers and your right hand missing is really something.



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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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