Following this comes a very clear description of the Card Circle, developed from the one popularised a few years ago by Dai Vernon, and then we're into the Cannibal Cards segment itself. The Cannibals effect is really just a series of card vanishes embellished by a nonsense story. In recent years there have been many versions, some impromptu and some using highly gaffed cards. In keeping with the rest of the routine, the Lees Cannibals features only regular cards. It is not difficult either, relying entirely on standard moves.

A 'Collectors-type' ending reproduces the Cannibals victims, and a fancy triple cut rounds out both the routine and the book.

No review can do justice to any book — even granted unlimited time and space. This one is no exception. The foregoing doesn't sound like much to get excited about. Only the bare bones (pun intended) have been mentioned, but like the proverbial iceberg, a closer examination will reveal much more. Every conceivable scrap of information is given to enable the reader to actually perform the whole routine, rather than merely execute the mechanics. Details such as how to choose assisting spectators, who to look at, and when to look; what to do whilst looking.

All this and more is covered from 'A to Z'. And for me, as with his previous books, this is where Walt Lees scores. Technically there is nothing in the book to daunt the average card fan, and, strictly on a technical level, there is not a lot to excite him either — though I exclude the Card Circle, the triple cut, and a chapter on the elusive Double Lift from this, which are worthy of the closest study. But Walt shows how it is possible to use standard techniques and present entertaining and mystifying magic. The accent is not on technique, but, as it should be, on presentation. And here the book scores heavily. Excellent value, well worth a close look.

Roy Walton's THE COMPLETE WALTON Volume 1. Published by L. Davenport and Co. Price £12.50.

This is a hard-backed book of 226 pages (8% x 5V2 inches) with 62 line drawings by Julia Walton.

For a number of years now, the latest Roy Walton book has always been an event eagerly awaited by those who know what is best in card magic. Magicians all over the world have almost come to take for granted his prolific output of consistently high grade magic. Perhaps, because this output has been scattered pretty widely over various publications, many, myself included, probably failed to realise just how prolific it has been. That is why I was completely knocked out when presented with this large book! I was even more knocked out when I realised that this was just part one and that there would be a similar sized book to follow next year. There is no doubt in my mind, that when these two volumes are out and about, they will do much to establish Roy Walton in his rightful place as one of the world's foremost innovators with a pack of cards.

The book contains 113 effects and 13 descriptions of useful sleights. It comprises of the complete texts of seven of Roy's books, plus two new chapters, one on sleights and the other containing ten previously unpublished items. These two chapters alone are worth buying the book for, even if you already have every one of his other books. Please do not think that this is just a straight reprint of those books. The whole thing has been revised, updated and given extra illustrations.

It would be impossible to praise the work of Roy Walton too highly so I will not try. He is one of the very few British close-up workers who enjoys international respect. If you have never read any of his books, I would urge you to buy this one (and envy you the treat that you have awaiting you). If you have read any of his stuff you will want this book anyway, without me saying more.

If the above reads more like a sales spiel than an appraisal, I make no apologies. I have written and published a few books myself, which I would naturally prefer to sell. But I would have no choice, if approached and asked what was the best buy of 1981, other than to reply "The Complete Walton".

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Fundamentals of Magick

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