by Paul Hallas

The above just goes to prove that I can come up with titles just as corny as anyone else. In fact this is not a trick at all but a move. It is a move limited only by your imagination, which is another way of saying I haven't quite figured out what to do with it yet! It will probably feel quite at home in a "Matrix" type of effect.

Basically you are showing a card in your hand, the card is turned over, and yet a coin in the hand is never seen. It is so easy to do it is laughable. (Like most of my magic).

A card is placed over a coin that is fingerpalmed in thé right hand and the hand fully opened. Then again, if you wish a card with coin concealed behind it can be placed onto the outstretched right palm. That covers most variations I think. Either way, the result should look like Fig 1.

Now comes the turnover: place your left hand in your pocket — you don't need it. Start to curl the right fingers. At the same time bend in your right thumb and lift the card from the rear end. When the card is at right angles to the palm, part of the coin will probably be visible to you but entirely hidden from the front. See the totally unecessary Fig 2. At this point the thumb presses onto a fingertip through the card, and moves forward slightly. This angles the card so that the coin is no longer visible to the performer. The thumb moves away and the fingers are outstretched again. If done correctly you appear just to have flipped the card over, the coin will not have been seen. It can be done very fast or very slow. In fact it is more or less the same move as the one used to show a business card blank on both sides except that you do not turn the hand over.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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