Hat. Most magicians wouldn't give it cupboard space but those of us who have used it know its value. By discovering a simple or cute way to present a standard effect which most performers have discarded is, to a performer, like having an orgasm.

I didn't mean to change the subject. I was talking about not reading magazines anymore. There was a time I used to wait for the mailman to deliver my weekly fix, but no more. I'm immune, but I still want to know why I have become immune. I'm still just as nutty as I ever was about magic. I am still making my living from it, I still love to go see a magic show. I wa+ Paul Daniels' T.V. show every week. I visit the Magic Circle as often as I can, so why can't I raise it for the magazines?

Do you think it's because there are too many of them? Have they changed maybe? Is it that everyone thinks they can publish a magazine and after a couple of issues realises that it takes a little more than enthusiasrn. (Please don't write to me about the TAT Papers). There is one possible reason, or at least a contributory factor and that is the amount of stuff that turns up in the modern magazines, and I'm not "just talking about the tricks or articles which are submitted and accepted for publication. Some of the dealers must shoulder some of the responsibility for my disillusionment. Some of the ads read as if they were especially written for morons. I won't pursue that line because they could be right.

There was a time when Abracadabra used to review professional acts regularly. I used to love to read them. I was younger then. I can't remember who the reviewers were, probably Goodliffe and Fabian, both of whom had a certain style. What happens today is that the reviewer is usually a friend of the artiste and the whole exercise is a public relations device to make the performer known to the magic fraternity.

Holdit. BY George, I think I've got it. (I'm sure someone has already said that). Do you think that the magazines have become incestuous? They have forgotten that there is a great big world out there beyond the perimeter of that magic circle which encloses all of us so tightly that we have no room to stretch our toes to peep over the wall. This has resulted in a lack of desire to peep over the wall and in some extreme cases they don't know the wall is there. Who cares? The mags don't seem to care. Their readers don't seem to care. The contributors don't c&ne.

I can't believe that I'm the only one who cares. And if I am____? ? ? ?


Patrick Page.

tr{r.v b»t a Thoroughly Entertaining

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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