Pleased to meet you, I'm Stephen Tucker and before we go any further I have one or two complaints!!

I'm writing this in my new office at the

Pabular Building. Now look I can put up with having the smallest office in the place, I can even put up with continually banging my head on the chain but I draw the line at the never ending. flow of visitors!!

I have a few other complaints but my Doctor's taking care of those. A couple of months ago when I first accepted the awesome task of running two magazines at the same time, I was told that I had to change my ways; no more wise-cracks; no more school-boy humour. I was told this by my superiors and after due consideration I decided that I

would change my image so the next time you see me, you'll notice that I have shaved off my beard and moustache and my hair is real short now

I'm afraid that's as far as I'm prepared to go!!

Further issues of Pabular will obviously be a little different than previous ones. This is not a bad thing but don't get me wrong, I'm not going to turn it upside down and transform it into a magical version of the Beano.

On the contrary . . . The illustrations will still be done by friend Eric Mason, the format and style of the magazine will remain the same and even I will bear hommage to Pabulars of old.

Let me translate the above rantings I'll maintain the high standard of Pabular and, if possible, increase it!

It will take me a few issues to get the feel of things so bear with me and be gentle!! I'd like to thank all the contributors to this issue and I look forward to hearing from you all with any ideas, routines, effects etc. that you might have tucked away in some ageing note-book.


Whilst playing around with the Polo mint and shell type Jardine ellis ring, (Available from Roy Roth.) Richard found that a cigarette fits exactly down the hole in the mint. He then came up with the idea of producing a cigarette from a packet of Polo Mints cleverly disguised as a packet of Refreshers.

Ed . . . For those not familiar with these two types of mints, let me explain Polo Mints are the ones with the hole drilled through their centers and Refreshers are multicoloured mints that have no holes.


The performer explains that he has been trying to give up smoking and he finds that if he eats a Refresher, it curbs his need for a cigarette. However, when he takes a sweet it seems that he isn't having much success as a cigarette suddenly appears from nowhere!!

Preparation and working

You'll need a packet of Polo Mints and a packet of Refresher mints. You'll also need a cigarette (Preferably No:6 brand.) and a cigarette lighter in your left pocket.

Start by removing the outer wrappers of both packets, (Richard uses a kettle to steam them off.)

Now open one end of the Polo Mints Silver wrapper and insert the cigarette, tip end first down the hole in the center.

The cigarette should protrude for about W. Crumple the foil around the end of the cigarette, you may need to trim off any surplus foil.

All that remains is for you to affix the Refresher wrapper around the gaffed Polo Mints.

You now have what appears to be a normal packet of Refreshers. In reality a cigarette is hidden down the center of the Polo Mints that are within. You can introduce the packet of Refreshers and will find it quite a simple matter to hide the W of cigarette that is protruding from the gaffed end.


Explain how by eating a Refresher you don't feel like smoking and as you patter, remove the packet of Refreshers?? and show them. Place the packet into your right hand in such a position that you can grip the protruding portion of the cigarette with your little finger.

You take the packet into your left hand but the cigarette remains in a kind of finger palm in your right hand.

Place the packet into your left pocket but be careful not to flash the gaffed end. At the same time pick up the cigarette lighter.

Put your right fist to your mouth and by keeping the hand cupped around the cigarette it will not be seen.

Light the lighter, (Which seems to appear from nowhere.) and light the cigarette.

Draw on the cigarette and then remove the right hand to show the cigarette, which also seems to have appeared from nowhere.

Ed I don't smoke but I can see that this short routine would play very well and should raise a few eye-brows and laughs!!


Whilst toying with the Cornelius 'MAGICIAN'S DATE BOOK.' Paul started thinking about forcing dates with playing cards. Although this has been done before, here is Paul's approach


Set a three way forcing deck so that the three values are repeated ie . . . 8, 2, Jack — 8, 2, Jack etc.


In performance simply take out the deck, false shuffle it and if you like throw in a few genuine complete cuts.

Hand the deck to a spectator and ask him to cut as many times as he likes and then to deal the top three cards face down to the table.

Take the rest of the deck, case it and pocket it. (That's the evidence taken care of!!)

Explain that the three cards freely? selected will be used to form a date completely at-random. Explain that the numerical values of the cards will be used and the Jack will have the value of 11, the Queen a value of 12 and the King a value of 13. Due to the fact that there are not 13 months, you explain that the lowest value present will represent the month and the other two cards are to be added together and will represent the date in the month.

As the 3 way force deck consists of the values 8, 2 and Jack this will obviously result in the 2nd month (FEBRUARY) and the total of the other two values is 8 + 11 which gives us a total of 19. The resultant is____19th of February.

Obviously the date to be forced will depend on the values present in your force deck.

Editor's introduction to

Fresh Sliced by Al Smith

A1 Smith has long been a friend of mine and I would imagine that his list of friends grows less everytime he sets pen to page. Don't get me wrong Al's magic is in my opinion, excellent. I am referring to his frank style of writing. This 'frankness' manifests itself in Al's own magazine 'SCARATIKA'. (This magazine should be on the open market and not reserved for the Sheffield magi!!) Al also has a very frank approach to his frequent book reviews both in Abra and Pabular.

By now you will have worked out that

'frank' actually means____TRUTHFUL and the truth is something that not everyone wants to hear!!

The following is yet another offering from Mr. Smith and I for one loo-k forward to many more!!



A card is selected and returned to the deck (Wow!). Two court cards, say the red jacks, are then lost in the deck — but unlike the selected card the jacks are placed into the deck face-up. Next the deck is split into two halves; one half is turned face-up and riffle shuffled into the remaining face-down half. Card, fans will will recognise this as standard 'Triumph' procedure. Almost immediately, the deck is spread face-down to reveal, not a face-up/facedown mixture, but instead, a regular 'all cards facing the same way' appearance. With two exceptions — the red jacks. Somehow, the cards have magically righted themselves, all but the two jacks. To round out the operation, closer examination of the deck reveals one face-down card nestling between the two jacks. It is, of course, the selected card.


Remove the two jacks, and have a card selected, controlling it to the top after its return. Take a little finger break below the card. Pick up the jacks and add them face-up to the top of the deck. Immediately, lift them off again, stealing the selection below them. Thus, instead of just two cards (the jacks), you actually hold three cards. Next;

Slide off the uppermost jack with the left thumb, and replace the jack below its companion. You are seemingly merely displaying the two jacks, but in fact you have managed to sandwich the selected card between the two jacks.

Note: All the foregoing is quite standard card procedure — well used and abused. Hence the spartan description. Now:

Add the jacks to the top of the deck, and square. Proceed to 'lose' the jacks in the following manner. Double-undercut the top jack to the bottom of the deck: that's all. The back of the selected card will come into view after the cut and will serve to convince all and sundry that the cards have been genuinely cut, and that the jacks are suitably ensconced in the centre of the deck.

Cut the deck at the approximate centre, and turn the upper half face-up with a gentle flourish, as if the card you have cut to has some significance. Undercover of this, execute a simple wrist turn with the hand holding the lower section of the deck, and table these cards. A back (jack) will be on view, and the cards will appear to be all face-down. Table the former upper half of the deck — these cards are genuinely face-up and perform a standard closed riffle-shuffle. To all intents and purposes you are shuffling face-up cards into face-down cards — not true of course.

Note: During the shuffle ensure that the FIRST TWO cards of the face-up half (the selection

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