(TOP) card to the right of the 1st card face up. The next card is dealt face down, then face up etc. until 8 cards have been dealt in the row.

Everyone assumes that the face down cards are the blacks.

Deal another row beneath the 1st one Bottom deal the 9th card and place it face up beneath the 1st card in the upper row. Continue dealing the cards beneath the 1st row in face down, face up, face down etc order.

The end result is shown in Fig: 3.

This display really does give the impression that the cards are well mixed. Start at the right end of the upper row and collect all the cards together. Once the upper row has been formed into an 8 card packet you up-jog all the face down cards and strip them out.

A black card will show at the face of the stripped out face down packet once the squared packet has been flipped face up and placed onto the face up red cards. It appears that you have four red cards on top of four black cards but in reality you have seven red cards atop one single black card.

Collect the other row together and repeat the above procedure.

Place the packets once again side by side and face down on the table.

Remove the lowermost card from each packet and show their colours. Exchange the positions of these cards and finally show that they have acted like magnets and the respective colours have once again found each other.


No patter has been given to accompany the various mixes and un-mixes and at times the actions may seem a little strange but if you work out a suitable patter theme to cover the various phases, you will have an excellent routine on your hands.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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