This method of causing a card to rise from the centre of an ordinary pack is completely impromptu and can be performed entirely surrounded. It has formed part of my Ambitious Card Routine for many years, hence the title.

The card to rise is pushed halfway into the outer end of the pack and brought to the bottom using the multiple shift move. Hindu shuffle until about half the pack remains in the right hand. These are dropped onto those in the left fred rĂ³binson

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hand making a step at the inner end. The right hand now squares up the pack with the thumb at the inner and the fingers at the outer end, creating a break at the step. The card to rise is immediately above the break. Any moves made to reach this position can be used, but I have found that the above has a 'flow' and can be performed in a casual manner with hardly a look at the pack.

The tip of the left little finger-tip is now inserted into the break on the right side of the pack near the inner right corner, and presses on the face of the card above, pushing it to the right, causing its corner to project about one-eighth of an inch proud of the pack. The tip of th§ little finger now moves to the corner of the projecting card (Fig one). The right hand now bevels the pack diagonally outward and to the right, the little finger still remaining on the corner of the card. The left thumb now moves from its position across the middle of the pack to a position nearer the outer end of the pack (Fig two). In the interest of clarity the right hand has been omitted from both illustrations.

The right hand is now removed from the pack which is now changed from the horizontal position to an upright one in readiness for the card to rise. The right hand is now closed into a fist with the index finger extended. This finger is placed beneath and in contact with the bottom of the pack (Fig three).

The left hand relaxes its grip on the pack letting it rest on the extended index finger. To cause the card to rise move the index finger back and forth with a sideways motion, causing the pack to 'rock'; at the same time the left little finger closes up gradually to the third finger, carrying with it the card resting on its tip. During this action the pack loses its bevel, becoming more or less squared.

It is possible to raise the card until about a third of its length extends above the pack, before the little finger closes up to third finger (Fig four).

The card can be caused to rise still further by allowing the third finger-tip to take over from the little finger-tip and continuing the rocking movement. It is necessary to pause in the action for the changeover to take place and during this pause the left thumb presses on the back of the pack to prevent the jogged card going flush with the pack and the little finger losing contact with the corner.

During the rocking movement and as the card is rising, the pack should be held well away from the body and moved round in a semi-circle allowing the spectators to view the pack from all sides.

After some practice it will be found that the extent to which the card is jogged can be reduced until the corner is barely proud of the side making the method used undectable.

The wonderful Pig of Knowledge.


A Chinese coin, and a lOp piece, are wrapped in a five pound note which is secured with a small bulldog clip. The clipped note is placed onto a chopstick.

Holding the chopstick at the both ends, the performer asks a spectator to name a coin. Assuming that the spectator selects the Chinese coin, the performer twists the chopstick, causing the note to revolve.

The spectator is asked to remove the note; when it is unwrapped he discovers that the Chinese coin, the one he selected, has disappeared leaving only the lOp piece.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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