1. Remove both black kings and place them face up on the table.

2. Out faro and push the cards togetl about an inch as if about to make a giant fan.

3. Place the deck in left hand faces towards the spectators and riffle the upper end of the pack with the right hand asking spectator to call stop at any time and remember the card.

4. As the spectator is noting the card, the break may easily be extended to the lower packet and held with the left little finger in the usual peek control fashion.


5. Strip out the upper half which contains the selection and drop them face down onto the table. Cut the half in the left hand at the break and drop them on the tabled half. The selected card will now be twenty fifth in the fifty card pack.

6. False shuffle. I do a couple of Zarrow shuffles, but any false shuffle will suffice.

7. Have the spectator pick up the black kings and place them face up on top of the pack, cut, and complete the cut.

8. You must now give the pack one perfect Faro shuffle. However, the type of faro, out or in, depends on where the kings lie in the pack. Since they are face up it is easy to tell at a glance whether they are in the top or bottom half. If they are in the top half then you must our faro. If they are in the bottom half then you must in faro. If they appear to be dead centre have the spectator cut again and proceed as above.

9. Ribbon spread the pack face down on the table. The face up kings will have card between them which will be the selection.

NOTES: The out faro is step two must be perfect. The patter which is rather lengthy has been omitted revolves around two detectives apprehending a criminal. Performed without hesitation the effect is startling. I hope that the readers of Pabular will have as much fun with I have had.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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