5. Spread the pack and the 7.C. is then found face up in the middle. State that you will now have to get the K.H. to turn face up.

7. Spread pack and A.S. is found face up — no success.

8. Larreverse and 7.C. found face up.

9. Larreverse again and A.S. is found face up, but still no K.H.

10. Remove A.S. from pack to table pushing the card below it to the bottom of the top half of pack and cutting top half to bottom (the order is now K.H. on bottom and 7.C. just above it).

11. Have A.S. signed on face by a spectator.

12. Hold pack in Right hand and take a break above the K.H. with right thumb. Swivel cut top half of pack letting it drop on to the Left hand and have the signed A.S. placed face up on top of it. Using the cards in the Right hand, flip the signed card face down letting the K.H. fall on top of the A.S. as per ADD ON move. Place the cards remaining in Right hand under those in Left hand.

13. Double lift to show signature, turn face down and deal K.H. on to the table — (they think it is the signed A.S.).

14. State that you are going to mark the A.S. still further and tear it in four pieces with the back facing the audience. "They don't make cards like they used to."

15. The position now is that the 7.C. is on the bottom of the pack, the A.S. on top and the torn K.H. face down on table.

16. Reverse bottom card in process of preparing for overhand shuffle (Expert Card Technique p. 110).

17. Shuffle about half way through the pack with faces to audience. Turn pack face down and spread. Again you have found the 7.C. reversed but not the K.H.

18. A.S. is the card below the 7.C. aft :r the shuffle. Slide it across under the 7.C. so it becomes the bottom card of the right hand (top) half of pack and ends up above the 7.C.

19. Larreverse, saying that this is your last attempt, spread pack and A.S. shows face up, still signed.

20. The climax comes when torn pieces are picked up and found to be the K.H.

dermis sargent


Remove the four aces from pack forming them into a face up pile in alternate colours which for the sake of clarifying the description we will assume that the order from the top downwards is AD-AC-AH-AS.

Hold the pack face up in the left hand and push the Aces in the pack in different positions, but in the same order, and bring them to the bottom using the Multiple Shift. When the pack is turned face downwards the Aces will be in reverse order viz. AS-AH-AC-AD.

Overhand shuffle the pack undercutting about half, injog one card and shuffling the remainder off at random.

Hold the pack face down in the left hand between the pad of the thumb on one long side and the second, third and fourth fingers on the other. The index finger is bent underneath. (See Fig.l). The right hand, with fingers at the outer end and thumb at the inner squares the cards, and in so doing adjusts the injogged card so that it extends at the inner end leaving it protruding for no more than a quarter of an inch. The left thumb now moves from its position to the outer left corner the index finger remaining bent beneath the pack. The pack is now in the correct position for performing the left thumb count.

Explaining that you will now attempt to locate the Aces, riffle down with the left thumb until the pack breaks at the injogged card which acts as a temporary corner short. The right thumb now enters the break and executes a centre double lift taking the two cards below the break as one. This card(s) is placed face up on the face down pack overlapping the rear end thus hiding the injogged card. From the point of view of the audience you have located the AH. Turn the AH with the AS hidden beneath it face down and deal the AS face down onto the table. This

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