then either states that it is pointless to show a card trick as he had planned with such a pack, disposes of it in favour of another trick or merely disposes of that "useless pack" and performs with another, more sensible, pack.


A set up is required. You need half of a red pack, half of a blue pack (consisting of different cards from those in the red half), two double facers and a red backed Joker. From the top downwards we have the Joker face down, a face down red card, one face up, another face down and yet another face up. Below these five cards are the rest of the red backed pack face down. This is followed by the two double facers and then the face down blue backers.

Ensure that the last blue backer is an easily remembered card (such as the Ace of Spades). The value on the face of the first double backer is also remembered, that is, the face which is facing downwards. Sorry about the mental exercise but as you will see it helps to know these two values. The pack is placed into a red box.

— The pack is removed backs upwards from the box. The top one is turned to show the Joker. This is put aside. A little finger break is held over the last red card or alternatively this last red card can be a thick card for easy location.

— Double lift the now top two and show as a double backer. Insert this into the break over the finger. Maintain the break.

— Double lift the next two and show as double backer. This is replaced on top but the right thumb keeps a break between these and the remainder of the pack.

— The left hand removes all the cards below the finger break, deposits them on to the top. This hand then goes underneath the pack and grips the half below the right thumb break as the right hand lifts the top half off.

— Both hands revolve at the wrists to show all backs returning to the original positions. The left hand places its half on top of that on the right and maintains a little finger break.

— The cards above the break are fanned to show all backs. As the fan is closed, the half above the break is injogged.

— Right hand grips the pack with fingers above and thumb below at the edges in front of the Magician, and turns the pack over. Pack is placed on the left hand.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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