Tarot 1810


A bill is borrowed and split in half making two bills. Both are given to the lender, but they fuse together in his hands leaving him with only one bill.

Prepare a bill by folding it in half lengthwise and crease the fold. Open it out and fold in half width wise again creasing the fold (Fig.l). Open out and fold and crease along line B, (Fig.2), but this time in the opposite direction. The first two folds are indicated by the lines AA in (Fig.2).

The bill can now be folded as shown in (Figs.3 and 4), the wellknown method of folding a bill to make it appear as two. The part indicated by C is now folded over onto D, see (Fig.4), and the bill will now appear as in (Fig.5). Palm the bill in the right hand and you are ready to perform.

Borrow a bill of the same denomination and using both hands smooth it out. Using this action for cover get the prepared bill behind it holding it in position with the right thumb (Fig.6). The bills are now taken into the left hand, its thumb pushing the hidden folded bill to the top left hand corner of the borrowed bill. (Fig.7) gives the performer's view.

The bill is now folded in half by bringing the lower end up and outwards leaving the prepared bill still hidden from the audience behind the borrowed one. This latter is now folded in half again bringing the right side back and around the prepared one enclosing it within. The resultant packet is now taken with the right hand which covers the projecting corner and the bill is split into two, the left hand taking the borrowed one and the right retaining the prepared one.

The following moves should be made smoothly and without hesitation. Place the bill in the left hand beneath the one in the right and in exact alignment with the projecting corner of the latter. The two bills are then taken into the left hand and then returned to the right turning them over in the process, and as they are turned flap C is folded back, see (Fig.4). The position

he ¿money

of bills in the right hand are now as in (Fig.8) and the right thumb pulls back the borrowed bill in the direction of the arrows and fingerpalms it as the lender takes the two? bills. The fingerpalmed bill is spirited away as the lender unfolds the bill and finds to his surprise there is only one.

Note: The above effect is from the lecture notes of Jos Bema and appears here with the permission of the author.

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