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Reach for a bottle and ask for the loan of a £1 note. Form the note into a cone as shown in sketches 1, 2 and 3 around your folding coin in such a way that it is kept hidden. Whilst you are doing this borrow a matching coin and then moisten your finger with saliva and apply it to the inside of the neck of the bottle and set the cone in the neck of the bottle as in sketch (4) pressing it in carefully so that the folding coin is trapped neatly within the neck where it is held securely and covered by the note. The pressure of the coin against the inside of the neck of the bottle plus the thickness of the folded note will enable you to open up the note in a natural manner and drop the borrowed coin inside. Push1 the borrowed coin down slowly without dislodging the folding coin. You are now ready to perform a miracle.

After a suitable pause lift the bottle by the neck with the index finger on top of the note to ensure that the borrowed coin is not shaken out of the top of the note — pause again — at this point magicians will realise that you are going t< perform the coin in bottle and that they missed the build-up thinking that you were going to do just another bar stunt. Now bang (pound) the bottle on the table several times — make plenty of noise. The folded coin is now in the bottle — remove the £1 note from the bottle and steal the borrowed coin as you hand it back with your thanks.


Display the coin in the bottle shaking it about'making more noise — and turn it neck downwards shaking the folding coin into the hand containing the borrowed coin. Switch coins letting the genuine one fall onto the table or floor and return it. Make the business of extraction with some showmanship holding the bottle on high and bringing it downwards with a longggggg shake.

^C Points of interest?

I have thought for a long time that the coin ought to go into the bottle the same way that it comes out.

It is a method of repeating the trick before the same company having previously performed it using the old method.

One can get the folding coin into the neck of the bottle in full view of the spectators in a fair and open manner without arousing suspicion.

The method is 'OPEN' in performance i.e. more people can see and hear it.

Let the borrowed coin fall onto the table so that it makes plenty of noise.

Use a small fruit juice bottle.

Is there still a better way? Yes, there is — write in if you think you know it.


Described by Fred Robinson

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Fundamentals of Magick

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