to operate it. The magical thing about it, other than the mystery of seeing words and phrases appear silently at will was, that Cy has also invented a mnemonic code which makes it ossible to learn to use this remarkable keyboard after no more than twenty minutes of study. Cy claims that it was solely his background in magic (that enabled him to invent the system, which everyone present thought was going to herald in a new era of electronic domestic consumer evices.

It was Ricky Jay who came up with the suggestion that Cy's code could provide the basis for an incredible two-person telepathic act. The Lfive finger keyboard could be tucked under the sender's arm, or in his pocket, and any message, whatever, could be instantly relayed (wireless transmission) to the receiving medium. The receiving device could either be the same tiny lighted display, seen from underneath a blindfold, or a tactile receiver read in same code as the sending by moving the receivers keys using solenoids (electro-magnets).

Cy has given me permission to print the code in Pabular and would require under his copyright only that if some reader wished to develop the apparatus to use as per Ricky's suggestion, that permission be asked (by writing to me) and granted by Cy, who will furnish more detailed ideas to anyone interested in the telepathic act.

Illustrated is the quick learning diagram and what follows is an explanation of it plus some helpful mnemonic hints.

^ The keyboard is represented by the five small circles set in an arch fitting the fingertips. The fingers do not stray from key to key as in ordinary keyboards. The first circle on the left is operated only by the thumb, the second by the first finger, the third by the middle finger, the fourth by the ring finger and the fifth by the little finger. Filled in circles represent keys which are depressed in a one hand stroke to form a letter.

There are three kinds of mnemonics (memory aids). (1) The simplest are common memory associations for single strikes — the 'U' or Upper class finger is the little finger extended as in drinking tea — hence pressing the little finger produces a 'U'. The most frequently used letter of the alphabet is 'E' and the most frequently used finger is the index finger which when pressed produces 'E'. 'O' is the centre, or Origin, hence the middle finger produced 'O'.

cy endfield 1974 &1976, all rights reserved


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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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