Impromptu Sight Bits Business

Pete Biro, that funny man from Oakland, showed me a Chinese gag. It consists of stretching a rubber band around the head so that the eyelids are compressed — sticking the hands in opposite sleeves and shuffling around chanting "Ah so".

Well, even Pete hasn't seen this next bit. Cop a couple of the fingerettes, (the type used by cashiers and magicians practising the card spin), squeeze out the air, and attach them by suction to the side of your face — with the line "Doctor, have you anything for warts?"

Which reminds me of the man who walked into a chemists and said "Have you anything for loss of voice?" and the chemist said "Good morning sir, can I help you?"

The same fingerettes, plus a cigarette packet can be used for a quick impression of the "Pipes of Pan".

Fingerettes —

Pack cigarettes

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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