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The obvious answer is that they all use cards. But there is also something else. Here is a second question, which in a way answers the first. Once you know the mechanics of the above moves, have you ever been fooled by anybody else doing them? Or can you spot them from a hundred paces while blind drunk?

The trouble with all of these moves is, that instead of being subtle machinations to cover secret actions, they follow a recognisable pattern of movement, which only serves to draw attention to that which it is supposed to conceal. The actions are not unnatural in the strictest sense of the term, but they are sufficiently out of harmony with normal procedures to hit the onlooker with some force. So much force that it is a wonder that the spectator does not get a black eye!!

No doubt the reason why these stereotyped procedures are so much beloved by the finger flinging fraternity, is that they are fairly easy to perform. As a result they are often exploited as inferior substitutes for more difficult actions, which require stronger misdirection and better presentation to work effectively. Also a lot-of cardicians believe, usually with no sound reason, that they actually fool people. This is because they get used to seeing the moves done by other magicians and so accept their effectiveness as part of the folklore of magic.

So it comes to pass that the basic flaw, inherent in this type of move, is continually

ignored. Optical deceptiveness is allowed to become confused with unnoticability. The layman may not know exactly what has been done, but the unusual style of movement will unfailingly telegraph that something untoward is taking place.

Obviously these moves do have their uses. There are times when they are indispensible. But if they are to be used, they must only be used in circumstances which make them appear natural and right. A magician who uses, say, a riffle force, will need to contrive a situation, which appears to justify having a card chosen in this peculiar looking way. Finding this situation will require considerable thought and careful planning. In fact the time and effort expended on planning will o.ften exceed the time and effort required to learn the more difficult moves.

So, before gaily embarking on your next Braue Add-on or Ascanio, think on the following points:-

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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