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Hold the pack in the right hand face down in the Hindu shuffle position, with the end containing the blade at the inner end. Commence the shuffle requesting a spectator to stop you at any point he wishes, and to look at and remember the top card of those in the left hand. You then drop the cards remaining in the right hand on top thus bringing the 'fake' immediately above the noted card. It may be that you have been stopped at the point which automatically leaves the 'fake' at the desired position about one third down the pack. If not, a simple cut will do the job. Experts will no doubt achieve the objective by continuing with the Hindu shuffle.

The pack is now placed on the table with the 'loaded' end overlapping the edge nearest the performer for about an inch. The left hand is positioned with its fingers on top of the pack

and its thumb at the overlapping end, ready to give the pack an upwards riffle.

The right hand now appears to take the blade and throwing it towards the pack where it is caught between the cards as they are riffled with the left thumb. The blade seen protruding from the pack is the one you had previously loaded in and the one lying on the table was lapped as you drew it towards the edge of the table.

The illusion of the blade being thrown into the the riffled pack is perfect, provided the empty right hand is palm uppermost at the end of the throwing movement and the riffling action is correctly timed.

The pack is now picked up from the table and held in the left hand. The right hand takes the protruding end of the blade with fingers and thumb, disengages it from the half blade, and still keeping half the blade within the pack slides it round from the end of the pack and along the side through the slit in the face card of the fake. With the blade still partially within the pack the right lifts the cards above the blade and shows the face card remarking that it is not the chosen card. The name of the card is now requested and the top card of the bottom half is turned over to reveal the selected card proving (?) that you have only to throw a razor blade into the pack to find a chosen card.

The manufacturing and selling rights of the above effect are reserved by the originator.

The effect now to be described was evolved after partially overhearing a conversation in which an effect was being discussed and the presentation of the trick required that the assisting spectator repeated statements made by the performer. The climax coming when the spectator repeats "I am sitting on the card." On standing up he finds the selected* card on his chair seat.

Teragram is the result of my efforts to produce an effect using the same theme without fully understanding the original concept. Subsequently I was informed that the trick under discussion was an Eddie Fechter idea and can be found in his book 'The Magician Nitely'.



Both spectator and performer have a pack of cards, and each note a card in the others pack, after which both packs are shuffled. In a very funny and mysterious way it is revealed that both noted identical cards, which on looking through the pack are found to be missing. The effect is brought to a climax when performer and spectator discover they are sitting on their selected cards.


Two packs of cards which may be borrowed, and a spectator from the audience to assist, preferably a lady.


Contrive to get a known card beneath your victim, say the six of clubs, as she sits down on the chair. How you manage this is dependent on conditions. Should you use the trick in an impromptu session, just wait, the opportunity will arrive. The pack from which this six of clubs has been taken is handed to the lady, and the top card of your own pack is also the six of clubs.


Commence by telling the lady that you are going to show her how to become a good magician and for her to be successful she must do exactly as you do, and repeat what you say.

"Please shuffle your cards." As you say this pick up your pack and give it a false shuffle retaining the six of clubs at the top. Your assistant will of course follow your instructions with regard to the shuffle, but most prpbably forget to repeat what you said and it will be necessary to remind her of this omission. From this point onwards is fun time between you and the lady and the amount of entertainment you generate will depend largely upon your ability and previous experience. Proceed with the trick making the following remarks which are repeated by your helper.

"Please look at the top card of my pack and remember it." You push the top card over the side of the pack and hold it close to her face and she will note the six of clubs. She will do the same which prevents others from seeing it is not the six of clubs.

"Please shuffle your cards again." Keep your top card in position.

"Put your pack into your left jacket pocket."

As you make this remark taking the pack in the left hand retaining the top card, the six of clubs, palmed in the right hand. Simultaneously turn your body to the right keeping your face towards the audience. This twisting of the body is made presumably to let the audience see clearly that the pack is put into the pocket but it also serves another important purpose. In making the movement the right hand, with its palmed card, goes naturally onto the edge of the chair seat in order to preserve balance. Once in this position it is a simple matter to slide the palmed card beneath the right buttock. Keeping your eyes on the spectator as you put the pack into the pocket will provide the misdirection necessary to cover the move. It is of course unlikely that a lady assistant would have side jacket pockets. You appear not to notice this until you have your card safely in position, suggest that she could either put her pack in her handbag or a gentleman's pocket. All the physical moves necessary to the effect are now finished and the presentation continues with the spectator repeating your remarks until the name(s) of the noted cards are revealed and the cards themselves discovered.

"Your card was a black card."

"A spot card, and not a picture."

"What's your telephone number."

"I'm not telling you."

"That's nothing to do with the trick."

These and other irrelevant remarks can be thrown in (or out) depending upon your particular style or the mood of the company.

"Your card was the six of clubs."

"You find your card and I'll find mine."

You now both look through the pack and fail to find a six of clubs. Say,

"You're sitting on it."

'When your assistant repeats this last remark stand up and look down on your chair seat at the six of clubs pretending surprise. It may take a second for the 'penny to drop' in fact it may be necessary for you to repeat "You're sitting on it" before the lady stands up and discovers her own six of clubs.

As an impromptu card effect I feel it would take some beating. Its practicability was amply proved when I performed it recently several times at the Magic Circle during the Pabular evening. There is plenty of potential for having fun and it has a strong magical climax. Hope you like it. Margaret does.

jan heiqs

We will not make any money from this advertisement. Jay Marshall will.

So will Bill & Irene Larsen.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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