The threaded coins are placed vertically on the table as fig.l. The others are placed to each side as fig.l.


Phase 1. Hold the stack of four cards in the right hand, 'Biddle' position and secretly bridge them by pressing the ends down slightly.

Pass the cards to left hand and deal off top card to right hand which places it vertically over the right hand coin (1).

Repeat with next card over left hand coin

The next card is placed horizontally over coin (3).

The front end of the final card is used to push coin (4) forward some six inches, which secretly pulls the threaded coin (3) simultaneously forward under cover of the card. The card is now placed over the coin(s) vertically:

The position now is as in fig. 2.

Phase 2. Right hand picks up right hand card and the 'snap move' is used to show the coin has 'gone' and the left hand simultaneously raises the front card to show two coins. Snap the two cards together as a flourish and secretly transfer the hidden coin to the left hand card.

Drop the right hand card face up on the table and cover the two coins with the left hand card adding the hidden coin.

Phase 3. Left hand picks up left hand card to show coin (2) then replaces card without releasing its grip (i.e. for snap move) and at the same time right hand moves to the card covering the three coins.

Raise both cards simultaneously, with the left hand concealing the coin by the snap move. This reveals the three coins.

Snap the cards together, transferring the coin from left to right.

Phase 4. The right hand card is slid horizontally below the three coins which thus lie on the back of the card. The secret coin remains hidden BELOW the card.

Flick the left hand card to silently prove that no coin is concealed and drop it on top of the three coins.

Make a magic pass from the remaining card to the covered coins and then slide the double cards backwards with both hands so the cards are tilted forward. This allows all four coins to slide onto the table.

Finally pick up and snap last card to show last coin gone!

The threaded coin gimmick is Morty Rudnick's. The snap move is Derek Dingle's. (See Dingle's Deceptions, page forty-two).

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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