I was trying to come up with an easy method of card to wallet that allowed loading the wallet while the spectator still thought his selection was tabled. In experimenting I came up with a dodge that actually adds an extra climax to the trick.


Magician signs the back in the centre of 51 playing cards in a deck. The one unsigned card is on top of the deck and the whole works is placed into the card case. You also must have a pen in your breast shirt pocket, and a wallet or some other object you wish the card to appear in, in your inside jacket pocket.


Take the deck out of the case and spread face down on your mat. Don't spread too far as you don't want to expose the signatures. Scoop up the cards and with the faces toward the spectators to "kill" the backs overhand shuffle and bring the unsigned card to the bottom. Spread the cards face up and ask the spectator to touch a card. Obviously a free choice. When he does, push it towards him and take a pen from your pocket and ask him to sign the face. While he's doing that get in position for a Curry Turnover (see Close-Up Card Magic - Lorayne, Pg 215). The position allows your hand to bridge the deck effectively hiding the signature on the back. As you take the pen back remark that to make sure you'll sign the back and do the turnover move. Let the deck continue toward yourself and come to rest at table edge. As you write just relax the fingers and let the card drop. Nothing fancy is necessary. Unless you square up the cards at the finish of the turnover you are in perfect position to lap the card. The deck is placed aside face up and your left hand goes low to open the jacket and grab the lapped card as your right hand returns the pen to your shirt pocket. The left hand comes up with the card clipped and held behind the jacket and transfers it to your right hand and you load and remove your wallet. Lay the wallet on the table away from the deck of the tabled card. Pick up the pack and hold it face down with the right hand over the backs and the thumb on the left front corner. Riffle up the pack and ask the spectator to push in "his" card. Now you ask if the spectator can locate his card just by looking at the backs. When he says yes you explain a very curious thing has happened. You explain that previously you had signed all of the backs but one and he with a free choice had selected that one unsigned card. You fan or spread the cards very wide showing that all the backs are signed. You now bet him the contents of your wallet that he can't even find his card by looking at the faces. Flip the deck face up showing that his card has vanished and for your finish show that it is in the wallet.

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