This is a variation in the handling of Paul Rosini's 'Impromptu Thimble Routine' described in 'The Dai Vernon Book of Magic' (Ganson). As in the original version six thimbles are used, but it is essential that they are made of metal and nest neatly.

The effect differs little from the original, but the use of the nesting principle makes for cleaner handling and there is no extra thimble to dispose of at the conclusion of the effect.

Prepare by secretly getting the thimbles positioned in the right hand as follows.

One thumb palmed, one each on the second and third fingers, two nested on the little finger and the remaining one finger palmed at the base of the two middle fingers, its mouth pointing towards the thumb side of the hand (Fig.l).

Commence the effect by producing the thumb palmed thimble on the tip of the right index finger and with it perform a few vanishes and recoveries which do not expose the remaining.thimbles.

With the thimble on the extended index finger at the conclusion of these sleights, remark, "You probably think I use more than one thimble", as you say this push the tip of the thumb into the finger palmed thimble and extend it together with the other fingers disclosing a thimble on every digit and continue "I use five." Without deliberately calling attention to it allow the left hand to be seen empty.

The following moves are designed to show all is fair before proceeding, and at the same time providing an opportunity for one of the nested thimbles to be secretly transferred to the left hand.

The left hand removes the two nested thimbles as one from the right little finger between its thumb and fingers (Fig.2) and replaces it/them retaining the uppermost one as it comes away. This thimble is kept hidden behind the left first and second fingers as they, with the aid of the thumb, remove and replace the other thimbles in turn, starting with the one on the third finger followed by the second and finally the thumb.

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EOSINI THIMBLES - A variation by David Carre

All the above moves are performed with the backs of both hands towards the audience. The right hand is now turned palm to audience displaying the empty palm and the five thimbles on the tips of all digits as the index finger of the left is pushed into the stolen thimble. Both hands make a little flourish as the index finger of the right? bends inwards thumb palming its thimble and immediately returning to its extended position. Simultaneously the left index straightens out wearing the thimble, giving the effect of a thimble jumping from the right index finger to the left.

With the left thumb and forefinger (still wearing thimble) remove the thimble from the right little finger und place it on the now vacant right index finger. Under cover of this move the left little finger enters the thimble thumb palmed in the right hand, and stealing it curls inwards towards the palm where it is hidden.

The hands now move apart and again make passing flourish as the right index finger thumb palms its thimble as before, and the left hand little finger extends to complete the second transposition.

The third transposition is achieved by removing the thimble from the right third finger and putting it on right index finger and again stealing the thimble in the right thumb palm, this time with the left third finger. Make a gesture as before, thumb palming thimble on the right index finger and extending the left third finger.

Take thimble from second finger and put on index finger this time stealing thumb palmed thimble with second finger of the left hand and repeat flourish this time extending left second finger as the thimble on the right index finger is thumb palmed.

At this point the audience see four thimbles on the fingers of the left hand, and one on the right thumb. There is also one thumb palmed in the right hand.

The left hand now removes the thimble from the right thumb taking it between the thumb and base of the index finger puts it on the right index finger. During this action the left little finger, still wearing a thimble steals the one from the right thumb palm position.

The thimble on the right index finger is freely displayed showing clearly that there is only the one thimble in that hand. Meanwhile the left thumb has pulled the extra thimble off the little finger and worked it onto its tip, keeping it concealed behind the left fingers.

For the last time make the flourish, thumb palm the thimble on the right index finger at the same time extend the left thumb to show the completed transposition of five thimbles from the left hand to the right.

The nesting principle makes the clean up at the finish a simple matter. The right thumb and index finger remove the thimble from the left thumb, an action which gives cover for the left index finger to steal the one in the right thumb palm position. The one removed from the left thumb is placed mouth, downwards onto the table followed with the two as one from the index finger and finally the three remaining on the other fingers. Both hands are now empty.

The various turning movements necessary to conceal the moves and to display the thimbles to the best effect during the routine have been omitted. The first should be obvious and the second depends to a large extent on personal style.

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