What follows below is in response to a request by Patrick Page in Vol.3 No.10 June 1977.


A coin is placed on the back of the left which is held in a loose fist. It is pushed down with the right hand which is then removed — the coin has gone. The left fist is opened and the coin is seen resting on the palm having penetrated the hand.


Hold a small coin (a fivepenny bit will do) with edge of the coin on the pads of the fingers in the right hand as in (Fig.l) Form the left hand into a loose fist and bring it up to the level of the right hand which displays the coin. The position of the left fist is SIDE ON, with the little finger nearest to the spectator. You should leave a big enough cavity (which is facing you) to accept the coin later on WITHOUT MOVING THE FIST. The strength of this effect depends on there being little or no movement being seen during the 'move'.

Still retaining the finger positions shown in (Fig.l) place the coin on the back of the left hand. The backs of the fingers of the right hand are towards the spectator and at an angle of 45 degrees to the back of the left fist (Fig.2), giving excellent cover for the left thumb to manoevre without any movement being apparent to the onlooker.

Move the right thumb onto the face of the coin and slide it backwards until it comes into position just above the opening in the left fist (Fig.3). Then tilt the mouth of this opening up a little and ease the thumb off the coin which will fall and hit the side of the left thumb and fall through the opening into the left fist.

Bring the right thumb back to its original position and turn the left fist so that its fingers face the spectator and state your intention. Go through the action of pushing the coin through the back of the left hand. Remove the right hand and show that the coin is neither in that hand nor on the back of the left hand. Turn the left fist over and open the fingers to reveal the coin resting on the palm.

The above takes only a short time to execute and has its beauty in that no movement is visible to the spectator as both the coin and right thumb is hidden by the 'wall' created by the right fingers enabling the move to be made as boldly as desired.

This effect has had considerable success with laymen — try it out — I am sure you will like it.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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