Giant Cigarette Production

Richard M. Gamble

This is an updated version of the classic 'Wand from Purse'. The performer opens a cigarette packet and extracts a giant cigarette (about 16 inches long).

Get a piece of dowel rod from any D.I.Y. shop. It should be the same diameter as a cigarette and about 16 inches in length. Paint it white and stick a couple of pieces of brown paper on each end. These should be of a similar colour to a normal cigarette filter tip. With one on each end, the "cigarette" can be used as a wand, throughout the show.

Take a packet of twenty cigarettes and remove several. Cut a square hole, in the bottom of the packet as in Fig.l. Load the "cigarette" up your right sleeve, so that it can drop to the position shown in Fig.2, when required.

Casually remove the cigarette packet from your left hand pocket. Pass it from the left hand into the right. At this point there is no suggestion of you doing a trick, so there is not likely to be anybody watching. Pass the packet into the right hand and, as you do so, insert the end of the "cigarette" into the hole. Try not to look at your hand as this is done.

When the "cigarette" has been pushed in as far as it will go, flip open the packet and pull the tip out a little. Offer it to somebody on your left as you start to pull it out. They will take a hold and start to extract it. Needless to say, much laughter and interest, will ensue.

This is an excellent item to use as an "ice-breaker" and to enable you to get started with your tricks in informal surroundings.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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