From The Notebook Of Lewis Davenport


PARAGON - MARCH 16, 190?

Van. Stick and produced from Pocket. Flag in between Handkerchief (probably 20th century — P.P.)

Handkerchiefs Paper Tube Flower from Cone. 1 Ball to 4. Ball Box. Troublewit.

Handkerchiefs Under Plate. Paper, Bouquet Ribbons Fan of Flags & 4 Flags on Staffs.

benefit of the editor. Now then, both of the shows we have just mentioned have been winners in a big way, and both of them have thrown up several performers who have since become household names because of those very programmes.

Would you believe that they are about to do the same thing with magicians? At least that's what looks as if it is about to happen. The pilot programme has been done and was apparently successful, but there appears to be a conspiracy of secrety about it. It seems that the show is definitely going to appear and is slotted for six weeks, initially. It has been announced in the national press accompanied by a photograph of a beautiful girl with a big bust, (or wat it a big girl with a beautiful bust) who is going to be a regular on the show. No date has been announced, no names have been mentioned but the grapevine says, mid July, Terry Seabrooke and Paul Daniels.

Terry is one of our funniest magic acts who has been due for a break (I hope it's his neck) for quite some time. Unlike many so-called comedy magicians, Terry is actually funny in himself and doesn't depend entirely on his material. He will shortly be taking off for the United States to appear at the IBM Convention at Little Rock, so giving our U.S. friends an opportunity long denied them.

Paul Daniels is quite a different kettle of fish. I remember Paul appearing at an IBM Convention many years ago in the Shield Competition (I think) doing a double act with his wife in which they performed in unison, Billiard Balls, Card Fans and similar stuff to the accompaniment of Rock & Roll music, with appropriate body movements. Paul has come a long way since those days. Comedy is his forte now with a beautiful throw-away style. After an almost sensational T.V. appearance on The Wheeltappers & Shunters Club recently, something just had to break for him and this could be it. The show incidentially, is to be called "And For My Next Trick".

And now, for a change, can I tell you that there is still another T.V. magic series about to be launched. This one, under the title "Magic Circle" is to be taped in The Magic Circle Clubroom, 9—12 June and so far, they plan to tape several shows on those days and have not as yet signed up all the acts. Ray Alan is to host the show which is produced by Derrick Sherwin, and one of the masterminds in the background is Clifford Davis who tells me they are still looking for acts, so if you read this before the above-mentioned dates you can still make it. Call him. The show is planned for worldwide distribution so if you do dialect jokes forget it, they want silent visual acts.

Patrick Page

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Fundamentals of Magick

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