From The Notebook Of Lewis Davenport


Three Apples, eat one while Juggling-. §

Three Pots one with Paste in, on Head. X

Balancing Cigarette on Nose. ■

Feather in Tube, Stick in Wig. n

Watering Pot to Water Flowers Produced. 1

Change of subject. I remember at one convention seeing an act in a competition that was dreadful (the act not the competition). At the conclusion of the act, which started on a low note and built up to a lower one, someone said

(7Thec^Page bojr

"What kind of an act was that?" A voice in the dark replied "That was an act of God." I confess that the voice in the dark was mine and the line was that of Jay Marshall's late agent Mark Leddy. But it was particularly apt at that moment. There is a sequel to that happening because in the following year the same act appeared in the competition and won a prize and if anything it was worse than the year before. Which proved that God does have mercy sometimes on someone but dear God, next time pick someone who isn't guilty of cruelty to spectators. Roll on Scotland please.

Remember me mentioning a new TV show 'For My Next Trick' which was to feature magicians. Well, it has actually happened. Terry Seabrook, Paul Daniels, John Wade and a mime act in the Marcel Marceau mould are the regulars with several other magic acts making guest appearances. Sorry, there is also a resident female vocalist with a beautiful pair of lungs (we can see most of them) who also stooges for the resident team of Magus. There have been three shows so far and I have seen the first two. Somehow they have not quite hit their stride yet. Daniels and Seabrook are performing their tried and tested material which we all KNOW to be good. Unfortunately they are at the mercy of the Editor and the general census of opinion is that he is doing a less than perfect job. Terry did his show-stopping burnt and restored note routine, but we had to watch it in 3 or maybe 4 segments, with a guest magician popping up doing HIS act between them. Paul Daniels is suffering from the same problem — there is a lack of continuity about the whole procedure. I did hear that the third show was a little better and so perhaps they will get it really swinging. If they don't it will be the fault of the T.V. company involved and not the performers themselves. And if you think of it it seems a tragedy that almost the only way a performer can get into the really big money in this country at least is through Television — and by doing so he places his reputation perhaps his livelihood in someone else's hands. And further it is just possible that that someone is getting his big break at that moment and probably doesn't know that if he blows it he blows half a dozen good pro workers with him.

I must mention that John Wade comes across strong on the programme. He does practically nothing and does it very well indeed and looks like the father-figure he is. Let's face it he's old enough to fit the part.

Scotland, here I come.

Patrick Page

Should be revived — an oldie but a goodie.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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