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Want to hear something funny? A gentleman whose name unfortunately escapes me does a mind-reading act which uses very little other than perhaps a nail-writer, a pencil, a pad and a few envelopes. He arrives in a nice car, dresses well and walks in with nothing and does his act. And usually, when he comes, the client at first gets a little worried because she doesn't see any equipment and she expects performers to have something — and of course he doesn't have anything. So recently he has been arriving with a small expensive executive type brief-case which he places on the floor as he meets the client and has a chat. Eventually he goes on and does his act as normal, (leaving the case exactly where it is), finishes, picks the case up, collects his fee and leaves.

The case is empty. I think that's funny and I hope you do. Until next time — Goodbye!

Patrick Page

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This rise of a card from the centre of a pack was stimulated whilst watching Fred Robinson 'work' through a few 'moons' — it can be presented as an effect in itself or like Fred's included in or perhaps ending a sequence to an ambitious card routine — perform the All Round Square up move by Larry Jennings, page 155 Dai Vernon's 'Ultimate Card Secrets' — or a move that leaves the selected card outjogged as illustration (1) about the centre position in the pack. If you get into the habit of having the little finger and thumb locating and holding the selected card on the diagonal as (2) there will be a greater freedom in handling the 'all Round' Square up move before the final jog.

Bevel the cards also as in A(3) using both hands if necessary, then hold with the right hand only as in (3) the right first finger opposite the thumb, the back of the pack facing the right hand palm — the little finger ready to control the chosen card at the base of the pack. Allowing the Bevel to remain slightly spread the bottom two or three cards to the left (the pack also spreads slightly at the bottom) (4) the tip of the little finger (pinky) of the right hand can now be almost hidden behind the face bottom card (in our example the 2 Spades) (5). If you now lower the little finger and stretch it downwards so that it engages the jogged (4) and (5) selected card it moves it to the right long edge of the pack without losing contact. You will find that by pushing upwards you can cause the jogged card to rise out of the pack under cover of the 2 of Spades (5). Illustration (6) shows how much the little finger rises up the side of the pack. The rise looks a normal vertical one because the angle of the face card of the pack is in the same plane as the rising card (See (7)) — it only remains for the left hand to continue taking the rising card out of the pack at the same speed and tempo (8) to complete the illusion that the card rises completely out of the pack.

As always with this sort of effect a gentle but greater movement of the hands and body in performance will serve to render invisible the actual mechanics of the move and display the effect to better advantage.

Use any control that brings the card to this ^——_ position outjogged

Use any control that brings the card to this ^——_ position outjogged

Bevel pack as A

Beveled pack downwards much and finishes under third finger


Beveled pack downwards


thumb cards

Pinky engages jogged card and pushes upwards to right thumb

Pinky engages jogged card and pushes upwards to right much and finishes under third finger

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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