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And yet another British Ring, International Brotherhood of Magicians Annual Convention is over. This year, Brighton. It's the first convention I've missed for quite a few years. Missed isn't the right word because I did manage to get there on Saturday afternoon to have a quick look around the dealers. I didn't have time to study all of their wares, but they were all smiling, and you know what they say about smiling dealers. They have either got your money or are just about to take it from you. I know — I've spent the larger part of my adult life smiling.

My reason for being in Brighton on that Saturday was that I was doing a date that evening at a local club. So I thought I'd kill three birds with one holdout, the dealers, the Gall Show and the date. No that wasn't a misprint. It wasn't meant to read Gala Show. There were two shows and I had to catch the earlier one. The second show is usually sold out to the conventioneers and the earlier one is mainly local townsfolk. I wonder what they thought of it. There were, of course, some good things, but overall it lacked spark. Of the two shows in Brighton that night I liked my one best.

There was one other happening which took place at the Brighton Convention which was unusual. The general committee had a meeting. I suppose they have meetings at all the conventions but this one was a little different in that at least one of the subjects for consideration was me. This was quite an honour in that I doubt if the general committee had ever considered me before. I have no idea how the debate went as I was not present but they did reach a decision they expelled me.

Now tell the truth, do you know anyone who has ever been expelled from the I.B.M. for anything other than perhaps not paying his annual subscription? There can't be many, can there? Are there enough to start a magic club? A sort of Breakaway Wand Wielders Association. Could we call it the Institute for Destitute Prestidigitutes? Did the general committee have a reason for coming to this decision? But of course it's that dreaded bogeyman of a word EXPOSURE I was guilty of

EXPOSURE Would you like to hear about it? Of course you would. It isn't everyday you get to talk to someone who has been expelled from the I.B.M. for here we go again EXPOSURE.

You see I have written an excellent book of magic (sorry about that) called The Big Book of Magic and several national newspapers reproduced several of the items in the book.

This, in the language of the I.B.M. is called

EXPOSURE — and quite rightly too. I was asked to explain why this happened, I did, and my explanation was rejected by the general committeeeeeee who passed a resolutiooooooon deciding to expel me, which they promptly did. So there.

At least I think that's the full story. Not being at the meeting I'm not too sure. You see, one of the other points was that the general committee was concerned at the exposure of, and I quote, "advanced magical secrets in this book" unquote. I never knew it was against the rules to write a magic book. Rules don't say it's against the rules to write a magic book. Maybe it's a new rule, although rules usually say what rules are as a rule. Several members of the committee have written magic books, very good ones too. Maybe the rules are just for the members and not for the committee. They'll just have to have another meeting to get a ruling on it.

The Council of the Magic Circle, also required an explanation of my behaviour. They accepted my explanation. I wonder if that makes the committee of the I.B.M. more pure than the Council of the M.C. I wonder. It's all over now. I have been cast into the wilderness, no longer able to announce to the world at large that I am no longer a member of the world's largest magical organisation. A pity. Because they used to like to hear me say that I was.

And with those words we say a fond farewell to the I.B.M. the home of everything that is good in this evil world of magic.

Goodbye. PATRICK PAGE (I.B.M. Expelled)

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