Fred Robinson In Glasgow Report by Gordon Bruce

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On Sunday, 27th June, 1982, the Centre Hotel, in Glasgow suddenly seemed to be full of magicians. The reason? A session with Fred Robinson.

Some time ago, Fred was persuaded/ cajoled/arm twisted into coming to Scotland and giving a talk. Originally, the idea was to have a small group, in the back of a pub — the the grapevine got to work and so many "Please can I come" 'phone calls were made that, eventually, The Shetland Suite in The Centre Hotel, was booked.

The venue seemed to be ideal for a close-up lecture, m that visibility was not the problem that it usually is. People came from all over. Ron Gorden came all the way from Aberdeen and Shiv Duggal came up from London (Why has not Fred lectured in London?).

Fred pointed out that every magician of note has realised the importance of misdirection and its relative lack of use, amongst most amateurs.

Inevitably, the name of Johnny Ramsey came up: Fred said that, for many years, he and others attended the I.B.M. Conventions PURELY to see Johnny and that EVERY year Ramsey succeeded in fooling everyone COMPLETELY, with his incomparable misdirection.

After the theory came the practise and, with just a pack of cards and a few coins, Fred demonstrated many of his own originations: his justly famous Coin in the Tie and Ambitious Card Routine, to name two. Who in magic has not heard of Fred's skill in false deals? His Middles and Bottoms are all done with deceptive casualness.

Almost as casual were the explanations of techniques, which have taken a lifetime to perfect.

In the interval and after the lecture, Fred could be seen, in his element, performing close-up at the bar and going over some of the fine points with those who cared to ask. We were also given a lesson in The Cards Across, a transposition, using Fred's own, no get ready, angle-proof version of the Curry Turnover — a secret for THIRTY YEARS!

And his amazing Rising Card . . . 'How many passed this up, when it appeared in an early Pabular? I remember seeing Fred do this as a schoolboy (me, not Fred).

I could go on and on — Colour Changes etc. etc. Some said that his Ultimate Force was worth the trip alone. To sum up; the whole affair was very informal and enjoyable. Its success will lead to other lectures in the same venue.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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