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The plot in which a selected card vanishes from the pack and re-appears up the performer^ sleeve for which the Page Boy is seeking a solution is an excellent one, and most certainly worthy of some effort to find a workable method. That the missing card is eventually found in the very place conjurers are so often supposed to use when causing articles to disappear provides an opportunity for producing good entertainment.

Here is one solution which seems to fulfill the required conditions.

You are near a table surrounded by a group and have a card chosen by the spectator immediately on your right which on being returned to the pack is secretly brought to the top and the pack placed face down on the table.

The misdirection starts right now by moving the attention of the audience to the spectator who selected the card. Clasp your hands requesting him to do likewise. Keep the attention of the group on the assisting spectator by making it appear important that his hands must be held in a certain way, moving one of his fingers, adjusting his thumbs etc etc. During this humbug you have unclasped your own hands as you helped him to get his hands 'just right'. Reclasp your own hands and ask spectator to place his hands on the pack 'like this' and keep them in that position (see Fig.l). In demonstrating what is required of the spectator the selected card on top of the pack sticks to the back of the right hand and is stolen away. As the spectator bends over to carry out your instructions his body gives ample cover for your left hand to grip the card as shown in Fig.2 and push it from the back of the right hand into the right sleeve in one action. Squeezing the card slightly causing it to curve will facilitate its passage into the sleeve.

If the business with the spectator is kept moving fairly quickly, and as was written over one hundred years ago 'keep continually talking to the bystanders, looking them full in the face, so that they may do the same the^method of stealing the card, which is possibly older than the quotation itself, will pass unsuspected as will the small extra movement required to get the card from the back of the hand into the sleeve. This latter move which is made at the time the spectators are watching your helper putting his clasped hands on the pack, is when the misdirection is strongest, and with the added cover of your assistant's body should present no problem. Whether it solves the problem to the satisfaction of our worthy columnist is something else. Perhaps he will let us know. Maybe it's not 'Instant' enough and something snappier is required like pushing the card from the back of the hand up the sleeve when pushing the sleeve back to expose the wrist watch with which you count the five seconds the helpers hands must remain on top of the pack.

Here is another method in which two chosen cards are found one up each sleeve. Requiring a double faced card this method fails to meet the requirements of the solution originally suggested, but it has other points in its favour, one being that the effect can be repeated and another that it can be performed by those less experienced in handling assistants.

Assuming that the double facer has the seven of spades on one side and the eight of hearts on the other, take these two cards from the pack putting the 7S up the right sleeve and the 8H up the left sleeve. The double facer is on the bottom of the pack with the 7S side at the face. Force this card using the Hindu shuffle action and bring it to the bottom of the pack and reverse it bringing the 8H side to the face. Spread pack face up on the table to show that the 7S is no longer there, and bring it from the right sleeve. Gather up the cards and give them a casual shuffle retaining the fake on the bottom. Tell the spectators you will give them another chance to see how it was done advising them to keep a close watch on the sleeve. Force the 8H show that it has vanished using the same methods and procedure as for the 7S. Ask the audience if they saw the card go up the sleeve this time. They will of course have been watching the right sleeve, and some amusement will be created when the left arm is shaken and the eight of hearts falls from the sleeve onto the table.

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