leaving the coin in the folds of the handkerchief, which is taken by the left hand and placed in the glass.

The paper is next taken from the spectator and the coin is stolen from the reverse end of the first steal. (This will be obvious on handling).

DTravelling coin

Effect:- A marked, borrowed coin is wrapped in a piece of paper and given to a spectator to hold. A pocket handkerchief, which may be borrowed, is rolled up and placed in a glass. The performer now tears up the paper packet. The coin has vanished. With an obviously empty hand the performer slowly pulls the handkerchief from the glass, and the coin is heard to fall therein. It is tipped onto the hand of its owner who verifies it as his own marked coin.

Method:- Yes, it is our old friend the coin fold, but with a difference. As the borrowed coin is being marked a duplicate coin is secretly introduced underneath the paper which is held in the left hand, thumb on top and fingers beneath. The marked coin is now placed on the paper directly over the duplicate beneath. The coin is now wrapped in the paper in the usual 'coin fold' manner, taking care not to expose the duplicate. The marked coin is allowed to slip out of the paper packet into the right hand, and the paper given to someone to hold. They will feel the duplicate coin and thus think they have the borrowed one.

Now, with the coin finger palmed, the performer takes the handkerchief with the left hand and shakes it out, holding it by one corner. The right hand now approaches and slides the thumb and fingers down the hem on one side, from the corner held in the left hand, to the adjacent corner. At this point the handkerchief is displayed with the coin held against the corner and concealed by the fingers of the right hand. The left hand lets go, leaving the handkerchief hanging from the fingers and thumb of the right hand. It is then loosely rolled around the right hand fingers, which are then removed

The paper is burnt or torn up, and the handkerchief is slowly pulled from the glass, releasing the coin, which is tipped out onto the spectators hand.

The nice part of this effect is that the spectator feels the coin until the last moment, and a duplicate is, or should not be suspected.

Although I have used the word 'glass', a glass of the stemmed variety (Goblet) looks best.

These details and correct dressing of an effect make for entertainment.

The above was originally described in The Magic Circular, Vol.49 No.548 and appears here with the kind permission of its Editor.

Since then Magini has devised an alternative ending which he considers superior. The glass is d'i spensed with and the borrowed coin is discovered in a knot tied in the centre of a borrowed handkerchief.

Proceed exactly as explained above until the point is reached where you're holding the handkerchief by the adjacent corners and the borrowed coin is finger palmed in the right hand. Retaining the hold on these corners flick the bottom edge of the handkerchief over the top edge forming a kind of tube. A singleLknot is tied in the centre of the handkerchief, and during this action the coin is allowed to slide down to the centre and is automatically trapped within the knot.

The knotted handkerchief is handed to the spectator in exchange for the coin in the paper, which is destroyed as in the previous version. The spectator now unties the knot and discovers his coin which seconds before he handed to you folded in the paper.

alex elmsley"

Oqe at a time collectors

Three chosen cards appear, one at a time, reversed among the four aces.

Although this trick was suggested to me by Roy Walton's 'Collectors', the effect is rather different. Perhaps you could use it if asked to repeat the true 'Collectors'.

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