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This is an exceptional effect which, therefore, might suitably conclude your programme. Be careful to carry it out with the proper strength and remember to use for the previous effects always the JUMBO INDEX cards.

(The above effect is from Playmagic No.2 and appears with the kind permission of Tony Binarelli).

Entitled PLAYMAGIC NO. ONE the lecture notes of Tony Binarelli are available from the author at the following address — Via Giuseppe Valmarana, 40 - 00139 Rome, Italy. Price 12 U.S. dollars which includes dispatch by air mail.

The higher than usual price asked for these notes is obviously due to the quality of their production. Printed on art paper with 49 excellent explanatory photographs which, together with the text covers some twenty pages the same size as this magazine.

All the tricks are with cards, the first one entitled Latin Lover Opener requires that a card be selected from a blue backed pack to which it is returned. A pretty lady is asked for a kiss (the Latin bit or audience participation) whereupon the selection vanishes and reappears face up in the pack. On being removed its back is seen to have changed from blue to red and on its face there is the imprint of a kiss.

Urania Transposition also requires a card to be chosen. After having it signed it is returned face up into the face down pack which is then spread face up which naturally brings the chosen card face down. The two Jokers are removed from the spread and placed into the empty case. The chosen card is caused to vanish from the pack and is found in the case with the two Jokers.

Wild Card 2000 is based on a Garcia effect which was an offshoot of Peter Kane's original conception. This variation permits eight like cards to change into eight similar cards of a different denomination. Finally all eight cards become Jokers. During these transformations both faces and backs of all the cards are shown.

In Technicolour the ace, two, three and four of clubs are shown face up only to turn face down one at a time. The backs then turn white and finally all four cards are shown to have different multi-coloured backs.

Italian Cut on Aces is based on Dai Vernon's Cutting the Aces. After the usual cutting the aces effect they change into the four kings and the aces being found back in the pack.

The New Dunbury Delusion is a variation of the Charlie Miller origination described in Expert Card Technique.

For novelty there is Telekinesis. One of two packs is given to a spectator to hold. Two cards are selected from the other. A needle and thread are caused to disappear. The pack held by the spectator is opened and the two cards corresponding to the ones chosen are found sewn together by the needle and thread. This effect is recommended as a closer.

Finally there is an explanation of the Perfect Faro shuffle. The one handed slip cut, the Biddle Count and Hamman's Spin Move. This latter gives the impression that you are showing either the faces or backs of four cards whereas only two are seen.

In his foreword the author writes T have omitted on purpose any mention of presentation, as maximum performance can only be obtained when this is expressed by one's own imagination and personality'. The methods given in the notes are practical and lucidly explained, leaving only the presentation to the pure haser. MfB!^

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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