Fig 2 4 Jacks

Deal the top four cards face down onto the table, one at a time, reversing their order. As you do so, say, "The jacks were first." Time this so that as you make the remark, you are just dealing the fourth card. Turn it face up. Place it beneath the pile as shown in Fig.4. Repeat this three times more dealing out, apparently, the queens, kings and aces. The final position is shown in the picture (Fig.4).

Before putting the balance of the pack to one side, it is necessary to secretly reverse the three aces, which remain on top. The following action achieves this in a very simple manner. Just do the move casually, without looking at your hands.

— Get a little finger break beneath the aces. This is best done, during the actual business of dealing the cards onto the table. Bring the right hand over the top of the pack, taking a hold with the fingers at the outer short end and the thumb at the inner. The right thumb can now take over the break.

— Lift off about half of the pack with the right hand. Maintain the thumb break as you do this. With the left hand, flip all of the remaining cards face upwards. Place them on top of those held in the right hand. In other words, above the three aces.

— Drop all of the cards below the break, into the left hand, which flips them face up and returns them to beneath the packet held in the right.

Turn the whole pack face down and place it to one side. As has already been said, this sequence of actions should be carried out in a very casual, offhand way, with no particular attention paid to them. At the finish, three aces will be face up in a face down pack. The fourth ten will still be the top card.

Offer to demonstrate how the cards will always follow the leader. Exchange the face up jack and the face up queen. Immediately turn over the three face down cards on the jack. Show that they are also jacks.

Exchange the queen and the king. Turn over the three cards on the queen. Show that they also are queens. Now exchange the king and the ace. Show the cards on the king.

Turn over the top card of the pack and show that it is a ten. Exchange the ten with the ace, pushing the ace face upwards into the pack. To do this riffle up the side or end of the pack nearest to you with the left thumb. When you spot the aces, which are face up, insert the fourth amongst them.

Turn over the three face down cards on the table, showing that they have mysteriously changed into tens. Finally, ribbon spread the pack, showing the four aces, reversed in the centre.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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