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A brilliant new version of a very old classic.

A paddle is shown with three holes right the way through. A tooth-pick or match is placed into the centre and immediately jumps to the end hole. This is repeated several times.

The brilliant new addition to this trick which lifts it right out of the ordinary is that at th'e end the spectator may examine the paddle and match to his hearts content - there is nothing to find.

This really fools the 'knowing ones'. Very highly recommended this brand new effect is exclusively available from Repro Magic.

Be among the very first to work this smashing new effect, Send for yours today. Very easy to do.

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Pat Conway

This is a great commercial gag, which Pat has kindly donated. Anybody who works for lay people should get a lot of mileage from it.

Go to your local toy shop and buy a rubber spider/creepy crawly. This should be about the size of a golf ball and capable of being concealed comfortably in a finger palm position. Take a piece of thin, round elastic about six inches long (the actual size will vary from performer to performer). Thread one end of the elastic through the centre of the rubber spider (you have first made a small hole) in the appropriate place.

Attach the other end of the elastic to your wallet at the point shown in Fig 1. It can either be threaded through a small hole, drilled in the wallet, or stuck down with a small adhesive flap. The hole is probably preferable as the elastic will be under tension when in use. Adjust the length of the elastic so that it is a little shorter than the length of the wallet.

Open the wallet as in Fig 2 and stretch the elastic, so that the spider can be positioned as shown in the picture. Then close the wallet and place it in your inside coat pocket, so that the spider is the first thing that you will grasp as you remove the wallet.

Wh|sn you are ready to perform the gag, reach inside your coat and grab the wallet. The hand should hold it as in Fig 3 with the fingers concealing the spider. Open the wallet flat as in Fig 4 and at the same moment release the spider. Because of the tension of the elastic it will be catapulted over the front of the wallet, where it will dangle down as though from a web, bouncing up and down. The effect is, to say the least, startling. It makes an ideal intro for any small trick that can be carried around inside a wallet.


This is a very short, clean and straightforward "Follow the Leader" effect. There are no fishy moves nor is there any excessive card handling. No set-ups or extra cards are required.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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