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.1MQ4 Dec.1974

BOB'S BUSINESS for coins through table Count four coins into the left hand. Close into a fist and smash the coins onto the table top. Profoundly say "Something unusual is about to happen." Remove the left hand and it is seen that the four coins are still on the table — "well that's pretty unusual." Stare at the coins and remove the right hand from under the table. It is seen to have become horribly grotesque, with long nails and is covered in warts and hair. Oblivious to this dreadful transformation for a few seconds, you slowly look down and do the TV

commercial "Doctor. T've been using Dermasil for four weeks and I no longer get sores, cracks or abrasions between^-^w the fingers, the only trouble is I can't do this trick s a. when there's a full moon."

The how:

Prior to the commencement of the trick, you have lapped a monster hairy rubber hand available at the joke shops. The right hand is inserted in this whilst you talk about the coins in the left hand. Believe me, it will get more reaction than your normal 'coins through' routine!

Bob Read

bob ostin vanrp;

a method for a ^ livingdead test

A spectator is handed a number of small white cards and is instructed to write the word "Vampire" on any one of them and to fold the card in half so that the "Vampire" is hidden. This being done the card is stapled together so that it cannot be opened. The remainder of the cards are now also folded and stapled, and they are then thoroughly mixed so that no-one knows where the Vampire lies. All this has been done whilst the performer's back is turned. The performer now states that one of the staples will have been driven through the Vampire's heart and that he can tell which card conceals the Vampire by listening to the scream (Nasty isn't it!). Each card is taken in turn and listened to, one is retained - and on being opened is found to be the Vampire.

METHOD - and notes for further development.

The first staple in the stapler is marked! Just a small dot made with a felt tip pen. I bought a pocket stapler of the type which can be opened to expose the staples without having to take them out of the machine. It is then a simple matter to mark a staple, and be sure that it's the first one. In presenting the effect as described I do not look for any marks when I pick the first slip up, all the emphasis is on the "listening", but whilst I'm listening to the one I picked up, I'm looking at the balance on the table. If I don't see the Vampire I know I'm listening to it. If I do see it I stop looking and remember its location. As far as possible I try to give the impression that I'm not looking at all.

This idea is capable of much further development. For instance, it does not have to be the first staple which is marked. More than one staple can be marked in sequence, so that the order in which slips or envelopes were stapled could be divined, or how about the first staple

being attracted by a magnet, whilst all the rest are not? Is this possible? Perhaps other readers will make something from the bones of the Vampire!

Final thought - If you are worried about the stapler jamming on the first staple. Mark the first three. If it still jams, buy a new stapler. The effect is worth it.

obsolete ephgmctio&i


Four packets of four cards each are placed in a face down line on the tableland the performer explains that each of these packets is in a unique order. A further packet of four cards is removed from the main pack, the performer remarking that this packet will act as a prediction. A spectator makes a free choice of one of the four packets, and the colour order of the cards in this packet are found to coincide exactly with the prediction packet. The remaining three packets are shown to be in completely different orders. The effect can also be done with E.S.P. cards to give the effect a mental flavour (whatever mental tastes like) and a note regarding this variation will be included in the working details.


Four groups of four cards each are removed from the main pack and are placed face down on the table at positions A - B - C - D and the colour order of each group reading from face to back must be the same as shewn in the diagram below. Suits are not considered, just colours.

The easiest way to get the cards into the correct colour order without mental strain is to

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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