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In Volume 7 Number 7 we published an effect by A1 Smith called "Pointing the Way". Unfortunately, the last three paragraphs were accidently lopped off. The really horrendous thing is that nobody has written to point this out!!

Presumably some readers must have gone through the item. They must have been left wondering quite what was the effect, which they were supposed to be creating. For their benefit and also to perhaps draw the attention of readers to a very good piece of magic, once more, here are the missing paragraphs.

Actually the foregoing is quite straightforward and very easy. There is nothing for anyone to see — and your next actions confirm what you have apparently just done.

Table the deck, leaving your right hand holding two cards as three. Mention the three, and show all three as follows: Take the two cards in dealing position in left hand. With right hand, point to JS and name it. Turn both cards over, revealing (for the first time in a while) the complete face of the JC. Name this jack, toov Turn both cards over once again, thumb off the (face-up once again) JS and take it in the right hand. Using thé JS as a pointer, top the back of the JC and miscall it the selected card, which, since you have seen it, you can name also. Handled casually, no one will deny that the card you are pointing to is the card you call.. After the rigourously fair procedure you have gone through, it is to be the selected card. It cannot possibly be anything else! (?).

You are now in a position to conclude. Very openly, and very carefully make a suitable magical gesture, call the spectators attention to "three" cards, and finally, peel the two black jacks apart showing the total disappearance of the selected card. Then, just as openly, pick up the deck, and spread the cards across the table to reveal face-up in the midst of face-down cards the vanished selection, to wind up a very subtle mystery.


From the Bob Read Collection. Number four in a second series

Well, at last it happened. The much pu blicised show "I" finally opened at the Piccadilly Theatre in London's West End. By the time it opened the title had been changed to "Y". Arturo Brachetti the the star of the show was no longer directing it but he was still the star.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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