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Hello, to all of my overseas friends (and, of course, any U.S.A. readers). Fred has consented to let me write a column from time to time on the close-up magic that goes on in the States and submit a few tricks from time to time. This will be similar to one of your regular columnists who wears that funny Scots kilt when he performs. You know who I mean — somebody speaks??? In this way I hope you will be able to know who has been working close-up at the conventions, at The Magic Castle and who stops in to visit my teachei, Eddie Fechtar, from time to time at the Forks' Hotel in Buffalo, New York.

Well, here goes — I just got back from Lou Tannen*s 16 th Annual Jubilee at Brown's Hotel in the Catski'.l Mountains of New York State. That is about 100 miles from New York City. The close up was fantastic as usual — why • shouldn't it be? Most of the top me a doing close-up magic come to this gala event every year. One can expect to see Frank Garcia and Harry Lorayne who usually attend all of Tannen's Jubilees. Both worked close-up. Haicy did four fast ace tricks to everybody's delight. Frank does a short gambling routine and his version of "Pop-out Aces" from a newly shuffled deck,

Bill Wisch did a ring and chain routine and the dollar-Chinese coin, plus a little mind reading.

Barry Levy, a young lad from New York City, did two tricks. A computor predictor effect, cute and a little different but the second effect he calls "Card Thought ', was a gas. Three spectators participate; one thinks of a colour, one thinks of a suit, and the third thinks of a card. He has the first spectator who thought of the colour hold a prediction envelope which has the thought of card inside. Really fooled me and many others!

AH Bongo, with his shopping bag of tricks, did Gypsy Thread, luggage tags from different cities, and a real miracle of a die through a sheet of glass. Also Linking Pins, Haunted Key and a Brainwave deck a la Don Alan. Always a treat to watch him.

The next gentleman in my opinion was the class of the close--jp as far as entertainment. Howard Flint wai. super funny. His gags, lines, et cetera, made me think of Bob Read and yes, he does excellent magic, too. Garcia had to see his 3-ring routine and commented "beautiful". Flint did a version of Don Alan's bowl" routine, card selected, found in wallet, smoke cocktail, and ended with a big nut under his hat.

Paul Gertner did a super job as usual, with his version of Matrix, Invisible Palm, Stick (a la Flip), and his cups and balls, with steel ballbearings.

A1 Goshman — always amusing to watch his Salt & Pepper shakers, copper and silver, sponges, coins thru and Chink-a-Chink.

Bob Little, with some real comedy close-up, using beat-up cups and thumb tips as the balls. A cute bit when he brought out the old ball and vase onto the table. He asked if anybody had ever seen this before and when they answered "yes", he pulled a gun and shot him. (Make-believe, of course). His dove levitation got lots of laughs and his finale of a selected card appearing inside a baked cookie got him a good round of applause.

Peter Kersten, our East German friend, with his miniature vanishing elephant, Domino trick, red & blue decks, Bobbi, the small walking doll, finding a card and ending with the spectacles to find other cards.

Last, but not least, Phil Goldstein, a brilliant young man with cards and mentalism, who just got in from attending the British I.B.M. convention. With hardly any sleep he was superb. Doing a few mental effects and ending with his impersonator card, the joker.

Well, that wraps up this column.

Satis Superque.


Fred Robinson

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Fundamentals of Magick

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