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This is really a peep into anything! But apart from using it to entertain young children, the older ones like myself will find it a useful 'put off' for 'the do this again coin in the bottle trick merchants (!)' who need to extract themselves from the many challenges (possibly) — requests to do this particular trick over and over again.

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Cards on Demand by A1 Smith. Obtainable from the author at 17 Osbert Road, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England S60 3LD. Price £3.50 post paid in U.K. or £6 overseas by airmail. I.M.O. only — no personal cheques.

Offset printed, A4 size, this book contains some 25 items on 40 pages with line drawings by Les Johnson.

Quite how long A1 Smith has been around on the magic scene, I am not sure, but in the last two or three years he has begun to carve quite a name for himself as an originator and lecturer. Certainly he will need no introduction to readers of Abra and Pabular, where his contributions have caused favourable comment.

This book will do much to enhance his reputation, containing as it does, nothing, which cannot be performed by anyone of average ability.

These days, when so many books of card magic are coming out one after the other, it is necessary to establish some criterion, by which an originator can be assessed. After all, anybody can string a few moves together and call the result a new trick. One of the things that I personally look for is subtle thinking and an acid test of this is when the author can invent strong effects that require little or no sleights. It is far more thrilling to evolve a self-worker than something that involves careful handling. A1 achieves this in the first trick in the book. This alone, to my mind, establishes him as a writer worthy of study.

Every trick in this book is practical and effective. The sleights are fairly basic and used efficiently to produce the maximum effect. "Cross Over Aces" and "The Perpetual Ginsberg" are object lessons in subtle simplicity.

Do not get the impression from this that all of the tricks are easy. There is nothing that will not require study. But then there is nothing in the book that is not worthy of study. I defy any practical cardworker to be able to go through this book and not find something that he will immediately want to add to his repertoire.

Highly recommended.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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