End Of Conversation

It suddenly struck me that to this young soldier I was an old timer. Can you imagine? ME. . .impossible. I walked back into my dressing room and burst out laughing. There was I thinking I still had something to offer and here is a young man looking at me probably in the same light as he would look at his grandfather.

If we may come back to the video tape for a moment, we have Messrs Copperfield, Henning, Siegfried and Roy and no doubt several others, all hitting the highspots with more or less the world at their feet. All are still young men, and they have one thing in common: they are not doing anything that they could call 'my act'. They are thinking bigger. They are in another world. . .the world of big business which can make them extremely vulnerable, but can result in them having financial rewards which in the past could only have been achieved by perhaps a film star. . .yes, it's a young man's world. . . good luck to them.

Then we looked at a video tape of an old film clip of Horace Goldin. It was taken not more than five to ten years before he died. . .he was near the end of his career and he was sensational. And I thought, yes it's a young man's world, but 111 bet there are still quite a few old timers still around who can teach them a thing or two, because they have something a young man can never have. . .experience. . .the ability to adopt a frame of mind which says "don't worry, you can do it, you have done it before many times".

And I thought to myself again — good luck to the young men who are making it big. . .but to hell with them at the same time. . .1 am still making a living, my wife is happy, the kids are grown up, the cat, the goldfish and my mother in law are all dead. . .1 am not an old timer. . . I'm a survivor. . .and long may you and you and you survive.


This manuscript holds a somewhat unique status in that small but ever growing body of literature of the card magic of Larry West. Those familiar with Larry's card magic may be surprised to find that these pages do not contain a single Elmsley Count!

Nor will you find any Jordan, Hammon or Siva counts or indeed any other false counts. Instead you will find rive effects involving two decks of cards. Only one of the effects, 'Trance—position Supreme' employs any gimmicked cards! and these are supplied with the manuscript). There are no complicated sleights. AM of the mystery in these effects is accomplished by psychological subtleties The use of words and psychology is employed in lieu of sleights and gimmicks to achieve apparent mental control over the spectators' minds. Send for your copy of this manuscript today. Together with two regular decks you are ready to read and learn with enjoyment the strange pearls of mystery formed in the weird mind of my friend the indomitable Larry West. • Fully illustrated by Bill Wells. Complete with feke card s necessary for one of the effects described.

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Pabular is publiWed after the second wemfi every month anc^^Tnnted in England. Subset iptions may be obtained from the publishers Pabular, P.O.Box 180, London SE12 8JJ England, or through many magic dealers. Subscription rates, including surface mail worldwide: UK: £8.00 (12 issues), £4.00 (6 issues), 70 pence (single issue). Abroad: £9.00 (12 issues), £4.50 (6 issues), 80 pence (single issue). USA S20.00 (12 issues), 810 (6 issues), 551.70 (single issue) Air Mail Extra: USA 80 Cents per fopy or $9.60 per year: Other rates on request. Editorial or Content Copy should be sent to Fred Robinson, Editor, 1 Crescent Court, 24 Crescent Road, New Bainet, Herts, England. Advertising rates sent on request.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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