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July 1983

This edition sees the first one-man issue for some time. It is by Ian Land. Ian's work will be known to readers of "Pabular", "Spellbinder" and other publications. He is both a prolific writer and developer of good card magic. He has been a regular contributor to the magical press for several years now, which is surprising, when you consider that he is still at school. Do not let that put you off, though. He knows more about magic than many people of twice his age. I can vouch for that. I am more than twice his age and he knows far more about cards than I do!

Readers will notice the meticulous care, with which Ian traces back and credits his sources. He is very particular about doing this, mainly I think, due to the influence of one E. Mario, who's every word he avidly devours! However, he does not confine his studies to this one source. He seems to have a filing cabinet of a brain, which can instantly recall names, dates and ideas from just about every book and magazine around.

Anyway, it is nice to know that; with young men like Ian Land around, the future of magic is assured.

The last ten days or so have seen the arrival of The Budget, The Linking Ring, Magigarn, Spellbinder, The Magic ^Circular, a couple of Abracadabras and Scaratika. (This latter is the magazine of the Sheffield Circle of Magicians and is edited by A1 Smith. It is a first class read full of straight from the shoulder stuff and few punches pulled: worthy of a much greater circulation.)

The general election is happening as I write this. All the daily so called "news" papers are crammed full of party political clap trap and frankly not worth reading. I personally stopped reading the papers years ago and decided instead to spend the money on books and magazines. In those days, a newspaper cost lOp a day, six days a week. That is over £30 per year. I expect that they cost more now. Think of that, £30 just to buy somebody else's political opinions and to have the truth twisted and distorted t6 show this or that party in the best/worst light! Is it worth it? Much better to cancel the papers now and spend the money on books and magazines, which are worth reading. Come to think of it, I have for sale. . .

Barrie Richarson was over here from the States, on his annual visit. We were able to meet a couple of times. He promised me a few more items but, unfortunately had to leave before I could collect them. Hopefully, when he reads this, he will drop them in the post.

Roberto Giobbi, from Switzerland, is over here for a little while. He has some beautiful card magic and has promised us some. Well worth looking forward to.

Only a short editorial this month (no need to cheer quite so loudly). The prolific Mr. Land has pushed/squeezed me out.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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