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Notice how Rovi has taken a simple —' almost blatent — ruse and by several very subtle touches has contrived to throw off even the knowing ones. The points which are worthy of study are:-

1) The wallet is not introduced too early on. It could have been in view all the time and the performer never gone near it. That, however, would have left only one solution — a duplicate card. The wallet is introduced at the right time and in such a manner that afterwards the audience will be unsure exactly when it did come out.

2) The introduction of the pen. Although the card is not signed people will remember afterwards that a pen came into it somewhere and will be unsure about this point. Also the "intention to have the card signed" psychologically prepares the audience to reject the idea of a duplicate.

3) The wallet is taken out without the least pause or fumble. How often is this the case with most other methods? Thus no attention falls on it until the climax.

4>) Obviously the force used must not destroy the illusion that any card could have been chosen.


This is an application of the standard Back Slip Force. It compels the spectator to select one of two predetermined cards from the pack. Although the actual mechanics of the force are well known, this particular application does have a certain ingenious subtlety about it, which makes it worthy of attention. Rovi uses it extensively in his own work.

Secretly note the values of the two top cards of the pack. Execute the normal Back Slip Force (see "The Royal Road to Card Magic" or any one of innumerable other books if you do not know this). After making the move, do not simply extend the left hand packet towards the spectator for him to take the top card. Instead, place both packets face down on the table and allow him to look at the top card of either heap. As you will know the values of the top cards of both piles, it does not matter which one is looked at.

Obviously this force could not be used in those effects where a particular card must be taken. On the other hand, it can do very much to create the illusion of freedom and casualness. For some reason people do not seem to realise that the top card of the right hand pile would have been, if everything was fair, the original top card of the pack.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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