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Well, here it is. The first ever non-card issue of Pabular. They said it could not be done! Well, we have done it. Next month, no doubt we shall return to sanity, in the meantime I would like to thank those contributors who made a special effort to supply the material for this issue. Well done lads!

We are frequently being criticised for including too many card tricks. But we can only publish that which is sent in by our contributors and if most of them send in card material, the reason must be that most of them want to read card material. Our aim is to publish what you want to read. If you want to read more coin magic, great!! Send it in and if it is good enough we shall be only too pleased to print it. At the end of the day, it is the generous people, who are prepared to share their ideas with the rest of us that dictate our policies. So if you feel that we are missing out on the sort of magic that you would like to read, get out a sheet of paper or a cassette and send us some. Let uS think positive!

What close-up magic needs these days is a bit more positive thinking. Especially is this true in the U.K. One group of negative thinkers, who a lot of us are getting tired of, are the "Close-up will never be commercial in Britain" brigade. These dismal jimmies sit round in corners at magical clubs, bewailing the fact that things are different in America and it will never be like that over here. When talking about restaurant work, they trot out the tired old cliche, "If they're not busy they can't afford you and if they are busy they don't need you!" No doubt this was quite amusing, when it was first said, but I am sure that it was never meant to be taken seriously. True, things are different in the U.S. but only because the magicians over there have made it that way. It did not just happen on its own. It happened because enough people wanted it to happen, badly enough to get up on their feet and do something about it.

Thank goodness there are a few people in this country, who have also been prepared to do the same thing. Most of them are comparatively young (although not all). Rovi and Mick Chardo have been doing it for years. If they can get work, then work must be there to be got! The field is wide open at the moment.

I am sure that all over the country there are success stories. If so, we would love to know about them. Why not drop me a line sometime and tell me about your successes in promoting close-up magic. Let us stamp out the defeatists once and for all!

One person, who certainly is not a deafitist, in any sense of the term, is Gordon Bruce. He was in town recently and showed me a card trick. (We can mention them in this issue — we are just not explaining any). In effect, a red backed pack of cards was ribbon spread, face up across the table. He then pushed out one card at random from the centre of the spread and invited me to push out four others of my choice, all face up. I was then told to memorise the five cards, which were replaced in the spread, still face up. The pack was squared, turned face down and respread across the table. Five cards had blue backs and, you've guessed it, these were the ones that I freely chose. A sort of impromptu "Brainwave". He challenged me to work it out and I have come up with a method, which he says is not the same. Gordon will not tell me how he does it. So if anybody has any ideas or can think of a method, please let me know, especially if it turns out to be better than his! I forgot to mention, no fake cards are used.

Have just had a letter from Ken Brooke. Ken was always a good friend to Pabular, when he had his studio in Wardour Street. In his letter, he takes me to task for saying that the "Nemo Card Castle" was invented solely by Peter Kane.

Ken says that he did in fact purchase the original from Peter. He then passed it to Jim Hooper. In Ken's own words, ".. .although he used part of Peter's idea, it was Jim Hooper's invention."

Also on the subject of errors/mistakes, Andrew Pargeter telephoned to say that the item published under the heading "Tenkai Cop" in Vol.6 No.9, had after all been in print before. It seems that a couple of years back, Andy worked out the idea and mentioned it to Fred Robinson in a private letter — one not intended for publication. Fred thought the idea was a good one and assumed that it would be O.K. if he passed it on to me to use in Pabular. In the meantime, Andy, who had never expected to see it in print, came across the same thing in one of Harry Lorayne's books. The move is also used in Gert Malmros' "Disappearing Aces", published recently.

Andrew has asked me to make it quite clear that the item was not intended to be a contribution to Pabular. So please do not write and accuse him of plagiarism. Also apologies to Andrew and the originator of the move, whoever that is.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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